23-Apr, 2021
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  • please play more ,chivalry 2 !!!

    Byaky skitsByaky skits6 soat oldin
  • "i don't understand how he's ali e. He has an arrow in his head!" Well you see Delirious there's this little understood thing called armor.

    Tyler ReidTyler Reid2 kun oldin
  • You should play more of this game

    Tony PopeTony Pope6 kun oldin
  • 11:29 who said that chickens cant fly?

    JasomJasom7 kun oldin
  • 500th comment

    Deen KDeen K7 kun oldin
  • Terroriser is a bummer to watch, just complains nonstop unless he is winning...then he crows nonstop. Other than being paid to, not sure why anyone would game with that sadsack. Vanoss is legit as always.

    G CG C7 kun oldin
  • 8:34 the guy on the far right after witnessing his 3 comrades ended with a single swipe ♬"Fuck this shit I'm out (m-hm) Fuck this shit I'm out (No, thanks)" ♬

    Darryl LavalleyDarryl Lavalley8 kun oldin
  • Play with vanoss more its really fun when you guys play together

    rockeyrhinorockeyrhino8 kun oldin
  • I love it when he threw his axe and said oh i threw a spear at him

    Hédi HadhriHédi Hadhri8 kun oldin
  • The bell can also be used and kills in one shot. Funny as hell to watch!

    KARMA_KARMA_8 kun oldin
  • If only Delirious found the horse poop that is also throw able in the game

    The LastThe Last8 kun oldin
  • Hello I hope you are having a great day

    Artificial GenixArtificial Genix9 kun oldin
  • 0:14

    Ashley ArredondoAshley Arredondo9 kun oldin
  • 4:22 EEH OOH EE OO OO

    Gabriel LeonardoGabriel Leonardo9 kun oldin
  • How is that a trebuchet?

    Garrett MungerGarrett Munger9 kun oldin
  • In this video theres a demonstration that breads are so hard in the dark ages that it could kill a man clad in armor😹😹😹😹😹

    Ray GamerRay Gamer9 kun oldin
  • I got a chicken! I got a broom! I got a bottle! I got a piece of bread! 😭😭😂

    KellyKelly9 kun oldin
  • :39 I'm glad he knows the word trebuchet and how to pronounce it, but that's actually just a standard catapult and not a trebuchet :P

    fds fdsfds fds10 kun oldin
  • T.A.B.S. lol

    Jakovie WallaceJakovie Wallace10 kun oldin
  • Answer to how he picked that massive log before is wood is way lighter then it looks i picked up wood that size in relation to me in real life and it wasn’t that heavy

    Adam BAdam B10 kun oldin
  • If you find the bell it is a one hit kill when thrown

    David GamberDavid Gamber10 kun oldin
  • Frankly, it's not funny when when people start fscking around like that and their team loses because of this...

    Pavel KostromitinovPavel Kostromitinov10 kun oldin
  • I A M M O U N T I N G T H E B A L I S T A !!!

    Private PattonPrivate Patton10 kun oldin
  • Chaos

    I am the spyI am the spy10 kun oldin
  • I here monty pyen and the hily guill

    game Adventure and vr woldgame Adventure and vr wold10 kun oldin
  • Ok that was funny 0:43 delirious says he loading the ‘trebuchet’ just so it seems he knows some medieval siege machines. Here’s your history lesson: a trebuchet is basically a giant sling used to throw large projectiles all over the place so it can’t be predictable. That delirious is a catapult

    Corgo 07Corgo 0710 kun oldin
  • 8:54 its a halbert not a spear

    Seteru 0v0Seteru 0v011 kun oldin
  • "For the order"

    Holy Angel Barachiel Kadisha MalachieHoly Angel Barachiel Kadisha Malachie11 kun oldin
  • i like how he put a x-ray from mortal kombat in the minute 3:35 you made a great job men

    Leonardo EncisoLeonardo Enciso11 kun oldin
  • ive always wanted to be in team 7 or whatever its called its sounds so fun with these great peaple

    trippidinktrippidink11 kun oldin
  • Here lies H2O Delirious. (1987-2021) "He died as he lived, loss of head."

    Zach BlackZach Black11 kun oldin
  • Every time he calls the onager a trebuchet I die a little

    Kieran KiersteadKieran Kierstead11 kun oldin
  • 14:37 a man of culture i see

    Tristen GunterTristen Gunter11 kun oldin
  • They need to nerf the box, thing is more op then the weapons

    OzOn3rOzOn3r11 kun oldin
  • Delirious literally said at the start "No talking it out, this is war"

    SomeSortOfSparkSomeSortOfSpark11 kun oldin
  • This game looks really fun and simple. Just how I like them...well I like strategy games too but still.

    MEB 1997MEB 199711 kun oldin
  • Oh ya bro that was cool 😎🤣

    Jeremy SampsonJeremy Sampson11 kun oldin
  • Vanoss: “I made a new friend” :D Delirious: (Nobody takes my best friend, you son of a bitch.)

    SpeedMaster642SpeedMaster64211 kun oldin
  • Delirious you should play resident evil castle demo!

    Republicans_Unite 1854Republicans_Unite 185411 kun oldin
  • I will have this video in my memory and reminisce about it once i get older

    l Dr_Morton ll Dr_Morton l11 kun oldin
  • Please play GTFO

    Jeramic chantalaJeramic chantala11 kun oldin
  • fortnlte

    courtney mendezcourtney mendez11 kun oldin
  • that dude just died by a bread

    Aiden MarzAiden Marz11 kun oldin
  • Game developers: its a sword and board medieval game in battlefield aspect. Delirious: ill kill everyone with chickens, sticks, and anvils never with a sword. Also when he got that triple kill i died how the 4th guy ran away like delirious committed a god mode kill.🤣

    JustinJustin11 kun oldin
  • Please play the RE: Village Castle Demo Dilirious.

    Luecis TurnerLuecis Turner11 kun oldin
  • De lirious please play some roblox

    Carold BaezCarold Baez11 kun oldin
  • 1 most fun game 3 most funniest guys

    Jayking 278Jayking 27811 kun oldin
  • Holy crap it took too long to find my childhood :D

    Telmuun ErdenebatTelmuun Erdenebat11 kun oldin
  • Delirous if you play mk11 try out the kryp its in konquer mode

    John CulbertsonJohn Culbertson11 kun oldin
  • Play more of tgis game its hilarious

    Auggie AguilarAuggie Aguilar11 kun oldin
  • Hey delirious you should make a compilation of all the weapons you can use in this game

    Wild Child26Wild Child2611 kun oldin
  • Play south park the fractured but whole

    Charles opokuCharles opoku11 kun oldin
  • Collab with smashing on youtube he is funny

    slashback studiosslashback studios11 kun oldin
  • Your merch is all sold out😥

    Connor DavisConnor Davis11 kun oldin
  • Hey h20 delirious there's a new Friday the 13th map and new Jason

    Samurai ErrorSamurai Error11 kun oldin
  • Русские есть?

    KRIXKRIX11 kun oldin
  • Play more batcoon 🦇🦝

    Jaydon McdonaldJaydon Mcdonald11 kun oldin
  • you just made me buy chivalry 2 and it was worth it

    Raid1985Raid198511 kun oldin
  • Damn

    NinusFaceNinusFace11 kun oldin
  • You videos kill me

    keyarukeyaru11 kun oldin
  • This game is like For Honor except you're not a hero instead just a normal Knight

    Naruku Senpai 2002Naruku Senpai 200211 kun oldin
  • The ACME anvil on the thumbnail Nice!!

    Lucas G. C.Lucas G. C.11 kun oldin
  • Is everyone that plays this game so toxic

    Trevor WilliamsonTrevor Williamson11 kun oldin
  • That one guy kept swinging like a little coward and Killed H2O neer the beginning of this

    Trevor WilliamsonTrevor Williamson11 kun oldin
  • Imagine a real life battle and you see these 3 guys shouting and killing people with breads, chickens and anvils

    StingerGamerStingerGamer11 kun oldin
  • 3:37 being a veteran mk player, this made me laugh too much.

    Just Some Guy Playing VRツJust Some Guy Playing VRツ11 kun oldin
  • This game was awesome

    Ty ScholtenTy Scholten11 kun oldin
  • Plz play vrchat

    Charrito CotaCharrito Cota11 kun oldin
  • Delirious playing with the gang again is the best thing EVER

    TheAngelsrejected TVTheAngelsrejected TV11 kun oldin
  • There's super speed in the game 'Undefeated' go to the power plant at the bottom of the map

    Ivanova BradshawIvanova Bradshaw11 kun oldin
  • Can u wish me birthday my birthday is on may 1st

    Dxrk WickedDxrk Wicked11 kun oldin
  • Really love the huge variety H2O plays and hangs/plays with.

    Lukas BermanLukas Berman11 kun oldin
  • The deadliest weapon banned from war for being too brutal : Hard Bread

    Mervin DocejoMervin Docejo11 kun oldin
  • Someone got sniped It was me I mean it was me shooting *Everyone ignores him

    Master EieMaster Eie11 kun oldin
  • I guess he was boxed and is dogwater 4:23

    Master EieMaster Eie11 kun oldin
  • Loving how the bardiche looks for the game

    snipercan007snipercan00711 kun oldin
  • Friday the 13th definitive edition Friday the 13th definitive edition Friday the 13th definitive edition Friday the 13th definitive edition Friday the 13th definitive edition Friday the 13th definitive edition Friday the 13th definitive edition Friday the 13th definitive edition

    swellswell11 kun oldin
  • delirious plays bad af :/

    SkovorodnikofSkovorodnikof11 kun oldin
  • Play some little nightmares 2 delirous

    Jhon Calda ST11P3Jhon Calda ST11P311 kun oldin
  • Me : i am not convinced with the game Delirious throws anivals and chickens Me: you god dam convinced me I am in

  • Me : i am not convinced with the game Delirious throws anivals and chickens Me: you god dam convinced me I am in

  • 0:40 Fun fact, a catapult such as that one is actually called a mangonel. Trebuchet is the really big one with a counterweight =) Mangonels weren't actually widely used in real life as they were smaller and weaker than the one in the game.

    Backon LazerBackon Lazer12 kun oldin
  • 3:28 BREADSHOT

    A. J.A. J.12 kun oldin
  • I couldn't be more disappointed in this game The only thing people do is counter attack it's the only kind of attack people use there's barely any siege weapons on the objective game mode maps and blocking doesn't work half of the time

    Godd ToddGodd Todd12 kun oldin
  • your wife has nice honkers respectfully

    KaosyeetKaosyeet12 kun oldin
  • Am I one of the only people who know how the hulk jumps? Lmao

    Onestriker 101Onestriker 10112 kun oldin
  • Delirious I bought a gold chain of your mask and I like it a lot because it reminds me of you

    jose castrojose castro12 kun oldin
  • Friday the 13th definitive edition Friday the 13th definitive edition Friday the 13th definitive edition Friday the 13th definitive edition Friday the 13th definitive edition Friday the 13th definitive edition

    swellswell12 kun oldin
  • H20 Delirious make some wwe game pls

    HNT SQUADHNT SQUAD12 kun oldin
  • Hey delirious I’m a new viewer and I just have to say I subbed to you and you are my new personal favorite youtuber and if I could buy your merch I would so do it

    Ashley SweedenAshley Sweeden12 kun oldin
  • delirious did more damage to his own team then to the enemy lol

    DennisthamasterDennisthamaster12 kun oldin
  • The mortal kombat xray when he threw the wheele had me dead.!!!!

    LickAma DicTipLickAma DicTip12 kun oldin
  • Kinglirious!!!

    SixSpideySixSpidey12 kun oldin
  • Hey delirious they made Jason x map and uberjason skin

    lego gun masterlego gun master12 kun oldin
  • Delirious you need to play misery mansion it has teddy bear

    ayeayeron00 ayeayeayeron00 aye12 kun oldin
  • very nice

    Gabs uchihaGabs uchiha12 kun oldin
  • do GTA

    Ban AlaneriBan Alaneri12 kun oldin
  • I'm so excited for this game!

    BenjaminHBenjaminH12 kun oldin
  • ----_

    s02 Pzychotiks02 Pzychotik12 kun oldin
  • Chivalry 2 reminds when uberhaxor and immortal would play the first one

    First name Last nameFirst name Last name12 kun oldin