13-Apr, 2021
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  • These are the dumbest fucking trivia questions

    Ethan AguirreEthan Aguirre7 kun oldin
  • 3:10 every single time. On this video, on toonz video, tears!

    jason millerjason miller8 kun oldin
  • Jesus christ, don't know why i watch these vids lol. So painful as a European.

    Chris WyattChris Wyatt10 kun oldin
  • He a vtuber now

    boi iiboi ii12 kun oldin
  • I love when he plays these games!! I wish he could play more of this 😂

    JessieJessie13 kun oldin

    skylar humphreysskylar humphreys13 kun oldin
  • thats when my son was born

    laura favrolaura favro13 kun oldin
  • Out that delirious know about Spirited Away

    I was searching for copper but i foundI was searching for copper but i found13 kun oldin
  • I can see you don’t watch football. Or ever played but maybe you should watch some NFL games

    Alex NicoleAlex Nicole14 kun oldin
  • WHO IS ANDY?!?!?!? HE is the MAIN CHARACTER in Shawshank Redemption! Come on Lir'!!! LOL

    BaronNateBaronNate14 kun oldin
  • I love delirious ' little avatar, always have and its dope to see it more alive

    Painting DemonPainting Demon14 kun oldin
  • I was more focus on delirious than the game (his character is so cool 💗😎)

    T'aundra ChaneyT'aundra Chaney14 kun oldin

    CooperCooper15 kun oldin
  • 5:17 we all saw them baby blues glow up for afew seconds there right?

    Tiara HatchettTiara Hatchett15 kun oldin
  • as a scot, those pronounciations of edinburgh and glasgow hurt my soul

    RoguhrRoguhr15 kun oldin

    Arlethe AngelesArlethe Angeles15 kun oldin
  • Did he actually think it was talking about the Supernatural tv show lolllllll

    EchelonEchelon16 kun oldin
  • Vtuberlirious??

    ShythaliaShythalia16 kun oldin
  • I’m from Scotland and the way he they pronounce Edinburgh 😭 edinburg

    Danny ColemanDanny Coleman16 kun oldin
  • Is the like, V-tuber character in the corner thing something Delirious is doing now or was it just for this video????

    NoraTheWeebNoraTheWeeb17 kun oldin
  • Nuuu vtuberlirious

    enrico manahanenrico manahan17 kun oldin
  • 3:06 Ive never heard them laugh for that long

    Dio- chuDio- chu18 kun oldin
  • Its cool that your using the Vtuber thing!

    KerriCraze helpsKerriCraze helps18 kun oldin
  • "We loosing because we loosing" -Delirious 2021

    Jaydon HathaJaydon Hatha18 kun oldin
  • Nobody: Cartoons: Edinberg

    Reclusive EagleReclusive Eagle18 kun oldin
  • As a genuine hollow knight player I respect delirious getting that question right.

    Mystic WarriorMystic Warrior19 kun oldin
  • Play tf2 please

    Jessi RussellJessi Russell19 kun oldin
  • Why is delirious a v-tuber?!

    Magicmage 53Magicmage 5319 kun oldin
  • Love the thimbnail of cartoonz counting on his fingers 1+2!! XD

    Eeveelution StackEeveelution Stack19 kun oldin
  • 2ddffh

    Kristin Van BerkelKristin Van Berkel19 kun oldin
  • Nice, y'all beat the king

    Ericka WalkerEricka Walker19 kun oldin
  • It wasnt talking about supernatural the show it was talking about supernatural folklore that why they laughed 🤣

    Brianna B.Brianna B.20 kun oldin
  • it ooffends me thd delirious donstnt know who phil taylor is he is the greatest dart player to ever live

    Richard BakerRichard Baker20 kun oldin
  • them pronouncing uk cities are so fuckin funny its edin-bruh and Glas-glow

    JaceJace20 kun oldin
  • 13:28 i was screaming "NAIL NAIL! ITS A NAIL!"

    Golden BomberGolden Bomber20 kun oldin
  • what the... Vtuber ._. can't wait for Vanoss Vtuber too I Guess xD

    Len MatsuiLen Matsui20 kun oldin
  • He vtuber now wtf?

    Samuel ColeSamuel Cole20 kun oldin
  • *New Vtuber this is - H2O Delirious*

    MichiruMichiru20 kun oldin
  • My guy I really like the little avatar on the left

    Dr LoveDr Love20 kun oldin
  • do you ever do destiny because you have only done PVP I want to see you and your buds play it?

    Leonidas GutierrezLeonidas Gutierrez21 kun oldin
  • this would be awesome

    Leonidas GutierrezLeonidas Gutierrez21 kun oldin
  • A hollow knight refrance in another game? [Small win for HK fans]

    Gavin RoblesGavin Robles21 kun oldin
  • being from Portugal, i can assure we are far away from Poland !

    Gil SousaGil Sousa21 kun oldin
  • We need more videos like this !! I mean the style

    Hazim 44Hazim 4421 kun oldin
  • Cartoonz: Aurora Borealis IS the Northern Lights. 😂

    Samuel HoggSamuel Hogg21 kun oldin
  • Geography in America needs to be reworked lol

    Pablo BorrayoPablo Borrayo21 kun oldin
  • From Malaysia anyone?❤️🇲🇾

    Amin _RtRAmin _RtR21 kun oldin
  • is no one gonna talk about squirrel sayin the N-word at 4:30 ????

    xviixvii21 kun oldin
  • The Northern lights is Aurora Borealis.

    Eric McguireEric Mcguire21 kun oldin
  • I am from Singapore and yes, we do not have Disney theme park here... :/

    miwitch Jmiwitch J21 kun oldin
  • The Fomorians are a supernatural race in Irish mythology. They are often portrayed as hostile and monstrous beings who come from under the sea or the earth. Later, they were portrayed as giants and sea raiders.

    Eric McguireEric Mcguire21 kun oldin
  • Play hollow knight

    jody's gaming channlejody's gaming channle21 kun oldin
  • Sorry not digging the avatar on screen. Distracting.

    Daily PersonDaily Person21 kun oldin

      Daily PersonDaily Person21 kun oldin
  • How did u get that 3D avatar that tracks ur body

    captlee3kcaptlee3k21 kun oldin
  • What ever game delirious plays especially with these two gives off such beautiful vibes.

    Okami ShinobiOkami Shinobi21 kun oldin
  • I live in Edinburgh and they way y’all said that is triggering

    Killed By HelenKilled By Helen21 kun oldin
  • delirious can you play holow knight

    Siren HeadSiren Head21 kun oldin
  • Singapore has universal even tho i havent went there

    Shawn MuthiahShawn Muthiah21 kun oldin
  • The VTuber model... It is good for now, but then if Delirious does it.. then others will do it... oh no

    MunicoMunico21 kun oldin
  • When he way these 3 idiots are trying to beat the king light blue eyes I see

    Xxsank90Xxsank9021 kun oldin
  • Vtuberlirious returns !

    David McCarthyDavid McCarthy21 kun oldin
  • The mention of the show "Supernatural" in a Delirious video is a crossover I didn't know I would greatly enjoy. RIP supernatural 😔👌🏼

    Athena MontoyaAthena Montoya21 kun oldin
  • Vtoobers smh sorry been a fan for years but it's too much 🤣

    Blue RangerBlue Ranger21 kun oldin
  • Jihi would be so proud of you for knowing stuff about art.. That turpentine removes oil paint from brushes. Lol

    Nasuha RoslanNasuha Roslan21 kun oldin
  • Lol

    Austin MillerAustin Miller21 kun oldin
  • I actually knew of the Fomorians because of Extra Mythology.

    marshall jarnaginmarshall jarnagin21 kun oldin
  • not sure why certain questions and the like were skipped (edited out) but otherwise nice vid, I always love H20s animated bits added to vids.

    Lukas BermanLukas Berman21 kun oldin
  • Hahahaha the way they pronounce Glasgow and Edinburgh 😂

    Christine MCRChristine MCR21 kun oldin
  • Hey might wanna look outside your gmod house...(nuclear war head sirens blare in the distance)

    Andrew MunroAndrew Munro21 kun oldin
  • Delirious is the next U.S. Hololive production 😁

    Julian MontelongoJulian Montelongo21 kun oldin
  • 216772nd

    Love TrollingLove Trolling21 kun oldin
  • I like H2O Using VTuber

    J3sus Cube: /J3sus Cube: /21 kun oldin
  • The sprite just makes me want to have him play with Gura

    ZekSkywalker 7824ZekSkywalker 782422 kun oldin
  • and now your using a stupid avatar... *unsubs*

    Eliea BrakenflowerEliea Brakenflower22 kun oldin

    Dallin WardDallin Ward22 kun oldin
  • I dont like vtubers...... But delirious is a exception

    Tragic MagicTragic Magic22 kun oldin
  • As a computer scientist, I cringed so bad when they got to the binary question.

    Blake McLaughlinBlake McLaughlin22 kun oldin
  • I love delirious but he's a stereotypical American, knowing nothing about European geography (poland is no where near spain), The way he said Edinburg instead of Edinburgh hurt me inside and knowing nothing about football (soccer).

    ENinja35 GamerENinja35 Gamer22 kun oldin
  • When are you going to get more hoodies because i am waiting for more because they all say they are sold out

    redboneredbone22 kun oldin
  • They needed a European player! :)

    Lor CzapskiLor Czapski22 kun oldin
  • VTuberLirious

    BigDeMooGaming CaRtoOlirious_407BigDeMooGaming CaRtoOlirious_40722 kun oldin
  • thumbs up because of all the questions related to Portugal :D

    Arcelio SilvaArcelio Silva22 kun oldin
  • Every time you guys got an answer wrong that i knew i was rocking back in forth in disappointment lol.

    RextheRebelRextheRebel22 kun oldin
  • I like delirious Vtuber character lookbso cool💙👍🤩

    SixSpideySixSpidey22 kun oldin
  • The Group is getting smarter 😂

    Jhon Gabriel CastilloJhon Gabriel Castillo22 kun oldin
  • Vtuberlirious is so fucking cute 🤧🤧🥺

    K.G. SnaZZyGK.G. SnaZZyG22 kun oldin
  • I still love that intro😊

    heyitsmemaniheyitsmemani22 kun oldin
  • Hey look! V-Tuberlirious is back!!!

    dximagine_ breakerxbdximagine_ breakerxb22 kun oldin
  • -___

    s02 Pzychotiks02 Pzychotik22 kun oldin
  • 11:25 - I died laughing when Delirious said Poland Because Poland is nowhere near Spain. 😂😂😂

    Michael Lance SteenbergMichael Lance Steenberg22 kun oldin
  • Delirious is a vtuber now? Interesting...

    SiblingsTryToPlayNice - Commander NSiblingsTryToPlayNice - Commander N22 kun oldin
  • The "Supernatural" part made me laugh so loud I spit my pop.

    Brian LoganBrian Logan22 kun oldin
  • Can we all just admire how adorable his Vtuber self is?

    Selena KoroSelena Koro22 kun oldin
  • The fact squirrel in toonz didn't inform delirious on why they were laughing and his v-tuber being totally oblivious just made the whole ordeal 10 times funnier

    Jackattack203Jackattack20322 kun oldin
  • This was great to watch i love it so much i do hope you guys play more

    Aaron RevillAaron Revill22 kun oldin
  • That DK Music in the background 😌

    Crassh13400Crassh1340022 kun oldin
  • MOAR!! Give us MOAR!

    William SmithWilliam Smith22 kun oldin
  • You should definitely try it out

    wAvY tOoNzwAvY tOoNz22 kun oldin
  • Yo delirious there's a new killer in dead by daylight it's called the trickster

    wAvY tOoNzwAvY tOoNz22 kun oldin
  • I feel sorry for non members being unable to use live chat

    diabloreapergamingdiabloreapergaming22 kun oldin