KINGLIRIOUS RETURNS! | Totally Accurate Battle Simulator | Adventure Part 2!

28-Apr, 2021
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Playing the Totally Accurate Battle Simulator campaign!
#Delirious #TABS tabs evil faction let's play tabs good vs evil

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    • @Cole Darwin Definitely, been watching on Flixzone for since november myself :D

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    • pro trick : watch series on flixzone. I've been using it for watching all kinds of movies these days.

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    • Hail delirious

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    • Delirious:we got tiny head,we we got no neck delirious

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  • Yessir

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  • Godlireaous

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  • 17:48 Does anyone see he have a third eye near his beard? Or it's not an eye...

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  • Fun fact: when a berserker jumps they take no damage for a few seconds

    Kaia BarrettoKaia BarrettoKun oldin
  • only took 2 years

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  • 15:26 .....We not going to talk about that?

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  • This is really an adventure lmao, 1 year.

  • I love your god damn freakin videos h20

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  • But im part of angry joe army...masakox army...and few others as well...well whats one more army to join

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  • H2O Delirious Delirious Dimension CaRtOoNz tOoNz NaTiOn

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  • 16:33 anyone realize the guy who jumped in the wall😂

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  • 9:33 I like ya cut g

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  • Cartoonz chosen one was not worthy enough for the ultimate H20Delirious

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  • 10:25 he accidentally said king toonz

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  • 5:40 medy evil?

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  • H2O Delirious is awesome,

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  • pva el pablopva el pablo3 kun oldin
  • Delirious I would suggestthat you look on the mediaval map you might find somthing 😉

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  • hail delirious

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  • You saying king toonz

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  • On the chosen one you said king toonz

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  • pls do more

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  • After months I finally got his figurine and it was worth the wait

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  • 16:31 "Get Them My Little Grasshoppers" Hahaha 😂

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  • What happens if one of us are spies

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  • omg its been so long

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  • 16:13 Toonz army: why do we heae john cena theme?

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  • It's been so long.

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  • Do more TABS please

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  • delirious there is a faction that you don't even know about yet in tabs please make a video on it it is called the legacy faction they have crazy units unlike any other

    Giovanni TrainiGiovanni Traini5 kun oldin
  • Pro-Tip: You need to find all 16 legacy units to unlock the legacy campaign. Most are easy to spot, but other's are harder. Make sure to check around the church, and around it, as their could be a big hole nearby with a unit in it. And to unlock the fantasy evil campaign, you have to go to spooky 1, and got to the place where the door was located on medieval 1. Hope that helps! Love your videos, and would love to see you play more TABS!

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  • Delirious Army what a title actually that's a good title that is amazing

    Tyler MartinTyler Martin6 kun oldin
  • I did like and subscribe

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  • There is a map called legacy and one unit super op and one unit can block and projectile even the ballista and the hwacha

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  • I've been watching for years

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  • 14:25 lol

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  • Yay more TABS!

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  • I love how delourious says he has the vision of an owl aren't owls blind well some?

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  • Me

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  • play bankos

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  • more

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  • He also did not realize that the kingToons castle is his castle! Like, look at the banners! THE BANNERS ARE BLUE!!! so it is delirious castle not toons.

  • The new shoot animation for the archer looks good

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  • Yes I love TABS can’t wait for more

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  • Let’s go TABS is back

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  • Fast and lirouse coming in a movie theater near you

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  • plz do dynasty soon and don’t leave tabs

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  • You’re doing the most like games like OK let me give you easy units to play against your like OK let me just put down the king every time that has a lot more health then the other units you’re doing the most stop doing the most

    Sid BillySid Billy6 kun oldin
  • 3:53 KING VS KING!! *Kinglirious gets hit and tumbles on his head*

    Louie MatoLouie Mato6 kun oldin
  • the chosen one is gonna find you the chosen one is gonna kill you the chosen one shall end all and finally the chosen one will die with all

    eymen temureymen temur6 kun oldin
  • I like TABS a lot, I m so happy that you continue with the game’s campaign. Also maybe you can make an 2.0 H20 Delirious unit with the creator, I remember that they putted new habilities. Thanks for the video.👍🏻 Care all!

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  • Finaly

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  • Just curiosity, if I dis like the video, does it support cartoonsz army?

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  • It took 2 years for part 2, will it take 3 years for part 3??

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  • Aww man delirous missed the legacy faction

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  • I loved h2odeleris (spells it wrong) now I'm watching again an I'm in the deleries (same problem ) horray

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    • I forgot army

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  • H20 larious C forgot the king killed that Squire picking up his friend one you accidentally killed the Squire picking up your nearing walk the video made this now soon all the campaigns watch it when is the Squires I think

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  • Apparently Cartoonz is Khorne, that’s some news to me.

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  • OK😄

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  • keep up the good work. I really enjoy the tabs videos

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  • Taaaaaaaaabs is back

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  • 9:53 *Jesus will remember that.*

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  • Delirious go to legacy the no one can defeat the legacy units

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  • Everyday is leg day for the berserkers.

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  • Delirious is the only youtuber tagt can say absolute nonsense and make it super hyped.

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  • delirious just slapped the choosen one with a sword

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  • You still need to do a video on the Legacy faction

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  • When the world needed him the most..... THE KING RETURNED!!

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  • Couldn’t the healers kill everyone by hitting everyone in the balls then strangle them-

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    • You got a point. Staff go *bonk*

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  • Amazing

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  • Tabs is back!!!!!!

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  • "Chosen one" KING: ONE SHOT, LOSERS

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  • Please make more

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  • Bone brother noooo

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  • Play team fortress 2 please

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  • MOOOORRRRE!!! FEED ME MOOOORRRRE!!! (specially with TABS videos)

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  • 9:34 just wants to worship you and Neal's to you and you cut off his head

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  • Hahaha hes back 😁

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  • Such a goofy game . Love it

  • Bro I a big fan!! I seen u for years about 3 or 4

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  • H20 are you going to play far cry 6?

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  • Hello

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  • Yay more tabs

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  • 7:11 did yall see that one squire neck and head and eyes?

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  • Kinglirious vs kingtoonz

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  • I somehow made a king that does 100x damage I regretted it Edit:He destroyed a full army of m416!

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  • Why every location was the final destination ? 😂

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  • You made it even better

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  • At 16:32 did anyone see that beserker go into the wall lol

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  • Yes definitely play through all the campaigns! love this series!

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  • -___-

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  • Can you play left 4 dead 2 pls

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  • Kinglirious❕❕❕vs Kingtoonz❗️❗️❗️

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  • U should play caption crunch the scary one

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  • Do more

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  • Did u know😱😱 that u cant breathe wen you're sticking ur tongue out🥶👍🔥 😐📸

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  • Great to see T.A.B.S again!

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  • next time could you do it with only your berserkers going ing battle

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