1-Fev, 2021
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    H2ODeliriousH2ODeliriousOy oldin
    • I will never leave my favorite UZworldr. So that means no!

      Yuri BernardYuri Bernard21 kun oldin
    • Pot head you leave my Delirious account alon

      Juan NavarroJuan Navarro22 kun oldin
    • @Melanie ;-; j

      lonjong panjanglonjong panjang29 kun oldin
    • Cool

      Ryan CorderoRyan CorderoOy oldin
    • H20 delirious if you see this comment then I'll tell you something I subscribed to you and cartoonz.

      Yuri BernardYuri BernardOy oldin
  • 2:22 "You damn potato rat" LMFAOOO

    meisha vigilmeisha vigil11 kun oldin
  • Uno but the new dlc is somehow more complex than uno flip

    Q4DaWinQ4DaWin16 kun oldin
  • The underchicken story! 😂

    Karla M. MarreroKarla M. Marrero20 kun oldin
  • SyNcInG mE AuDiOs

    CxrtifiedJayCxrtifiedJay21 kun oldin
  • 0:29

    Javiair FreemanJaviair Freeman24 kun oldin
  • Cool that was fun to watch

    Aaron RevillAaron Revill25 kun oldin
  • i wanna see delirious playing YU-Gi-OH... in fact there is a free yugi game on steam

    ignacio camberoignacio cambero25 kun oldin
  • LOL every video is great. I love you very much.

    Ran lvRan lv26 kun oldin
  • 2:05 wait you see 6ix9ine the tekashi 6ix9ine or y'all don't know how to say 69 right

    Sowerz! xtxSowerz! xtx26 kun oldin
  • 0 is neither* math tutor here

    LorDark OniLorDark Oni26 kun oldin
  • Are you able to turn on draw to match with this game mode? Because it would make the games much more interesting though Hephaestus becomes kind of op.

    Tacobell1384Tacobell138427 kun oldin
  • I feel like squirrel and delirious have some beef

    Godgeta413Godgeta41327 kun oldin
  • Victory!!!!!!!!

    geekqueen2010geekqueen201028 kun oldin
  • 1:21 I have the power of the Peacoghck

    Mecha Team LeaderMecha Team Leader28 kun oldin
  • That last match was craaazyyy

    NightSpinner_NightSpinner_28 kun oldin
  • I’m still learning how to let my god out Can anyone help me get my god out?

    Vinceywincey SpiderVinceywincey Spider29 kun oldin
  • This was soo funny lol cartoonz won 4/5 rounds😂

    SunnySunny29 kun oldin
  • I think I lost some brain cells hearing them discuss if zero is an even number lmfao poor CarToonz having to hear that

    Mar NuguMar Nugu29 kun oldin
  • Bring back Gangbeasts please!

    AksnwmanAksnwman29 kun oldin
  • That was an epic win at the end 😂😂😂

    dani quedani que29 kun oldin
  • "Zero is not even" DELIRIOUS 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    CezCez29 kun oldin
  • coming back from 4 years ago

    Aimbot DragonAimbot Dragon29 kun oldin
  • This was one hella epic match 💯🔥💕

    Noissy BooyNoissy Booy29 kun oldin
  • Funniest video I’ve seen a while

    Cruz MirandaCruz Miranda29 kun oldin
  • 0 is an even number end of discussion

    ricreb911ricreb91129 kun oldin
  • 0 is an even number

    Jacob EleftheriouJacob EleftheriouOy oldin
  • War of the Century! ❤️😂

    BaeBaeOy oldin
  • more god power

    Jeremy BennettJeremy BennettOy oldin

    Alex thaGuyAlex thaGuyOy oldin
  • Heh-fes-tus

    Damon B.C.Damon B.C.Oy oldin
  • Lolz

    Ronaru A`reRonaru A`reOy oldin
  • how do you even get this dlc

    krystalkrystalOy oldin
  • “0 is an odd number” Lmaoo. This happened twice this video

    DogeDogeOy oldin
  • 0:29

    Giantjose 90Giantjose 90Oy oldin
  • 0 is even because two people can both split nothing evenly.

    Poco Por PocoPoco Por PocoOy oldin
  • Johnathan that was hilarious

    Yeet YeetYeet YeetOy oldin
  • Damn I love this dlc😭🙏

    Golden EeveeGolden EeveeOy oldin
  • 0 is called prime number isn't it. A prime number is neither even or odd/0

    james andrewsjames andrewsOy oldin
  • Delirius with hephaistos:"THE GAME FINISHES BEFORE MY GOD CAN DO ANUTHING!!" everyone else with hephaistos:"yeet"

    Michele CastellottiMichele CastellottiOy oldin
  • Actully what happened Delirious , u were rising and growing your chanell , but when it hit 12 milllion and then 13 million , it kinda stopped , i hope your ok dude , im glad that ur the best , really i am 🙂

    LCDC MakerLCDC MakerOy oldin
  • Holy crap that was an EPIC game.

    Geo DracoGeo DracoOy oldin
  • I expected to see more comments about them pronouncing the gods' names.

    Nathaniel ToupsNathaniel ToupsOy oldin
  • Hey delirious Ik I’m not important enough for you to reply back but it would mean the world to me if you could play dead by daylight again

    TheRealJoker _TheRealJoker _Oy oldin
  • Delirious u an the team need to finish the game sign of silence bro😁😁😁😁😁😁

    Francisco GaitanFrancisco GaitanOy oldin
  • Best game ever!!! Loved it man, awesome as always

    CryOrDieCryOrDieOy oldin
  • Delirious I played super city by mdicky and dressed up as you!

  • thanks for the most exciting uno video 2021

    adli karimadli karimOy oldin
  • Anyone else catch the irony when Cartoonz Aphrodite fucked over Delirious' Hephaistos? No? Just me? Okay....

    James RossJames RossOy oldin
  • Yes

    st upst upOy oldin
  • The funniest part is that they’re actually counting points

    Frankie CedenoFrankie CedenoOy oldin
  • Anyone else hear deliriouse whisper im sorry

    Jon AntonioJon AntonioOy oldin
  • lol

    leanna Rossileanna RossiOy oldin
  • Wanna see vanoss and nogla play this again

    viperz_llviperz_llOy oldin
  • I know people are still drooling over among us but I’ve been binging golf and uno videos 👌🏻

    ShaelizaShaelizaOy oldin
  • Delirious got some bars tho

    azhar ahmedazhar ahmedOy oldin
  • can you play shindo life on roblox?pls

    Simple ManSimple ManOy oldin
  • It really was an underdog play hahaha

    ChrizMaeChrizMaeOy oldin
  • punish dis nuts!

    Роман ДРоман ДOy oldin
  • Uno champion of the world!

    Dan ManDan ManOy oldin
  • Cartoonz......King of The Uno Gods👍🏻⭐

    Amirul DragneelAmirul DragneelOy oldin
  • Love that switch rotation card. Looks like an undead Cartoonz with a bad hairline :D

    Tomgang1985Tomgang1985Oy oldin

    MyScabulaMyScabulaOy oldin

    Madison ThomasMadison ThomasOy oldin
  • I really missed u lot playing uno like this :) god of war!!!!!

    AlphaWolfAlphaWolfOy oldin
  • MOORRREEEE PLLZZZ!!!!!!!!!!💙💙💙💙💙

    Mr. Happy BananaMr. Happy BananaOy oldin
  • Delirious I apologize but Hephaistos is spelled as Hephaestus and is pronounced ha_fe_stus.....I did not check if this was correct....

    Elliott BakerElliott BakerOy oldin
  • 7:22 had me dying 😂

    chito nienuchito nienuOy oldin
  • What are these cards

    Itz_St3v3nItz_St3v3nOy oldin
  • he really was the under chicken

    YaBoiGuffy LelYaBoiGuffy LelOy oldin
  • Delirious bring back Uno? BRRR I’m gonna be watching this during COLEGIO Had to bust out with my Spanish up in this piece

    Not my avatar just found itNot my avatar just found itOy oldin
  • After 42 minutes you finally did it 😁😁😁👍

    Vine alligatorVine alligatorOy oldin
  • When will this be released for xbox does anyone know?

    Kippy 299Kippy 299Oy oldin
  • 💙💙💙💙💙👍🏼

    Zoey MZoey MOy oldin
  • I come back after 2 years for this where is all the dirty jokes all the cursing at his friends and making me die from laughter and where is gmod?!

    AcidX on 60 FPSAcidX on 60 FPSOy oldin
  • 0 is neither odd or even..

    SirSlimnSirSlimnOy oldin
  • Zero is even 😂

    Tomallis AndrewsTomallis AndrewsOy oldin
  • Lol

    Kymani HKymani HOy oldin
  • 7:23 Is that public information or- 9:04 -Cartoonz 2021 10:44 Chiiiill 14:24 What a champion- Uno: "Nope" 17:02 Are you winning, son? 22:34 Uno: "Not happening." 24:55 Im- 😂 27:18 & 27:40 -Delirious 2021 41:05 It's always fun playing Uno with your friends.... 41:38 ...but it always pays off

    Dio- chuDio- chuOy oldin
  • do they seriously think 0 is odd....oml

    MyScabulaMyScabulaOy oldin
  • You have to see the ending for yourselves, it's amazing! But the highlight for me was at 40:30. Delirous: It doesn't even matter. Because... ♫ You tried so hard, and got so far! But in the end... ♫ *the curse stops Delirous from winning* Delirous: F*** You!!

    HatOnFireHatOnFireOy oldin
  • anyone else noticed the title changed?

    Aryan Ayman DjuandaAryan Ayman DjuandaOy oldin
  • Your just not good at uno delirious no offense

    Joan PeronillaJoan PeronillaOy oldin
  • Poor square

    Joy OgberahweJoy OgberahweOy oldin
  • zero is even i learned it in school

    kyson smithkyson smithOy oldin
  • zero is even i learned it in school

    kyson smithkyson smithOy oldin
  • there is a new update i grounded btw there are FISH AND BEES

    Julian DukesJulian DukesOy oldin
    • I MEANT IN

      Julian DukesJulian DukesOy oldin
  • I’ve never seen this Uno Theme before is it new?

    Erica VictoriousErica VictoriousOy oldin
  • Lmao he sounded australian for a second 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    RainbowSixDPRainbowSixDPOy oldin
  • When is the next rust stream

    xoditionGamesxoditionGamesOy oldin
  • 0 is an even number.

    Manny SalcedoManny SalcedoOy oldin

    THE DARK NightTHE DARK NightOy oldin
  • what happened to h2o, i remember watching him on my x box... now he does this shit

    hippity hoppity ur propertyhippity hoppity ur propertyOy oldin
  • 20 I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me. (‭Galatians‬ ‭2‬:‭20‬ ESV)

    CoWinkcidenceCoWinkcidenceOy oldin
  • How do crewmates win in Ono?🤣🤣🤣

    Kenslee RiggiKenslee RiggiOy oldin
  • Dont know why but I felt that when Delirious was syncing it sounded cool😅😂

    Bianca CalderonBianca CalderonOy oldin
  • Play we were here together

    suzanne8486suzanne8486Oy oldin
  • -___-

    s02 Pzychotiks02 PzychotikOy oldin

    H2O Delirious fan 28H2O Delirious fan 28Oy oldin
  • Most intense uno game EVER 😂

    universe beanuniverse beanOy oldin