5-Apr, 2021
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🎵 Outtro song: By SpacemanChaos!

  • 1:54 was for me best moment

    akaki sixarulidzeakaki sixarulidze21 kun oldin
  • "You gotta call lights you f*kin moron!" Yes, low lights makes it impossible to see that you were given a potato. Your definitely not against atleast 1 wall if doing a task making it easy to chase the person near you

    JacobJacob21 kun oldin
  • 🖤

    IdkIdk22 kun oldin
  • *🥔 explodes* Delirious: what the hell was that! 😂

    Danesha HarneyDanesha Harney22 kun oldin
  • 4:01 🤣

    Danesha HarneyDanesha Harney22 kun oldin
  • 10:08

    Rezki AceRezki Ace24 kun oldin
  • Tabs

    KrAzY KJKrAzY KJ25 kun oldin
  • 2:21 I dub this moment as "Delirious abuses the animation budget".

    IndieGamer's AvatarIndieGamer's Avatar25 kun oldin
  • It’s crazy how I’ve been here since I was 13 y/o now I’m 20 in the military and thinking about the times I came home from school excited to watch his videos I hope one I get the chance to speak with him he’s been and always will be my favorite UZworldr

    Lord CheekbeaterLord Cheekbeater26 kun oldin
  • Why was Fyrus tryharding the whole time while everyone else is trying to have fun? Not cool

    Supersonic IncSupersonic Inc26 kun oldin

    ただグリムただグリム26 kun oldin
  • Классное видео Делириус

    Артём ВахнинАртём Вахнин27 kun oldin
  • Imagine this on the airship map. 😂😂😂

    Michael Lance SteenbergMichael Lance Steenberg27 kun oldin
  • The adventurous girl eventually rush because waterfall surprisingly scream out a cagey cent. needless, obscene thing

    Smoove BucketsSmoove Buckets27 kun oldin
  • 11:43 is so clutch dude

    Alternate _YTAlternate _YT28 kun oldin
  • Self-Destruct Potato. 3:16

    8wsu A Robloxian8wsu A Robloxian28 kun oldin
  • This was so much fun to watch

    Will ReeseWill Reese28 kun oldin
  • Is it me or does Nogla's mods never work I mean never never never never work

    Raymond ShupeRaymond Shupe28 kun oldin
  • lol @ when Nogla screwed Delirous by handing the other imposter the potato lol

    XmetalXmetal28 kun oldin
  • 6:20 The way delirious said don't talk to my baby and then this next part 6:27 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Ricardo HerreraRicardo Herrera28 kun oldin
  • That hm hm hm hm hm animation dude

    Soundwave The Decepticon’s Communications OfficerSoundwave The Decepticon’s Communications Officer28 kun oldin
  • Huge fan of Delirious cartoonz ohm the whole vanoss crue squirrel rilla

    Huntre IvyHuntre Ivy29 kun oldin
  • I swear delirious has some crow in him or something. MOr hot potatoe please! was hilarious

    Ming Dao FengMing Dao Feng29 kun oldin
  • the imposters are better known as "Terrorist"

    WeebWithNoName /後輩WeebWithNoName /後輩29 kun oldin
  • They need to stop reporting deaths, until there is only one left

    Valdir Bruxel Jr.Valdir Bruxel Jr.29 kun oldin
  • Oh god what if it was hot potato mod but EVERYONE can vent 👀

    Conner HardyConner Hardy29 kun oldin
  • 2:00 was funny

    DuncerDuncer29 kun oldin
  • really hilarious mod! more please.

    Loraine WalkerLoraine Walker29 kun oldin
  • Lol

  • 💙💙💙💙

    Zoey MZoey M29 kun oldin
  • 9:40 Delirious: Am I really that sus-able? Me: I can't imagine why... I mean, it couldn't possibly be the mask. That gives him that special charm! No, it's gotta be something else...

    Laschic ValiscaLaschic Valisca29 kun oldin
  • hm hmm hm hmm hmm? 😂😂😂

    milomilo29 kun oldin
  • The jojo edit made me get caught watching this when I was supposed to be in bed. I'm not even mad though. It was hilarious.

    The ToasterThe Toaster29 kun oldin
  • Four zero: *screams* Ruuuunnnnn *exploded* Delirious: wtf!? *chuckles* Me: yeaa no shitt delirious xD

    C H A O S L I F EC H A O S L I F E29 kun oldin
  • Ok not goingbto lie but nogla needs to think if he can

    Tony burgerTony burger29 kun oldin
  • Bro Nogla always screws over Moo and throws the game lmao

    Jetro the Bad OmenJetro the Bad OmenOy oldin
  • 7 years dude O shishnit

    Crazygamer Fam2021Crazygamer Fam2021Oy oldin
  • no ever since I was five not 4 I'm sorry

    Crazygamer Fam2021Crazygamer Fam2021Oy oldin
  • Oh, yeah, I remember that Patrick Bikini Bottom, one that you will hide and seek you used to do a lot of heart and sees you should start doing them again I'm crying

    Crazygamer Fam2021Crazygamer Fam2021Oy oldin
  • Should definitely play this with toons squirrel rilla and friends

    Fr34kByN8tureFr34kByN8tureOy oldin
  • do it's already been 9 years since I've been watching you I'm 11 wait no. It's been 7 years since I've been watching

    Crazygamer Fam2021Crazygamer Fam2021Oy oldin
  • Man, you remember vanossgaming well you remember gears of war denied

    Crazygamer Fam2021Crazygamer Fam2021Oy oldin

    Mr loginMr loginOy oldin
  • please play more bug snacks

    Mr loginMr loginOy oldin

    Luis FernándezLuis FernándezOy oldin
  • Why’d you quit streaming the medium?😢

    Big PapiBig PapiOy oldin
  • i'm getting pvz flashbacks

    Halomaster CosmanaHalomaster CosmanaOy oldin
  • You should play TABS again, there have been a lot of changes

    Jbock ProductionsJbock ProductionsOy oldin
  • I like delirious make crowlirious scream👍💙

    SixSpideySixSpideyOy oldin
  • Play TABS again with toonz they added multiple player

    Layton DavisLayton DavisOy oldin
  • -___-

    s02 Pzychotiks02 PzychotikOy oldin
  • This was so funny 😂

    KellyKellyOy oldin

  • 2:22 gets me every time 😂

    Dustin VaughnDustin VaughnOy oldin
  • nice

    Gabs uchihaGabs uchihaOy oldin
  • I thought oh were a v tuber

    HybridHybridOy oldin
  • Dude i can't believe yumi made it so far

    omg its DAVIDomg its DAVIDOy oldin
  • This is hilarious 😂

    nasir McGillnasir McGillOy oldin
  • 10:09 tea is ready

    gamer boygamer boyOy oldin
  • Where is toonz❗🙊

    Found Royalty995Found Royalty995Oy oldin
  • Man I watch more this one really made me laugh

    Manuel RodriguezManuel RodriguezOy oldin
  • ah... My potatoe is berning

    Owethu MapasaOwethu MapasaOy oldin
  • i can't help but laugh so hard in the intro 😂 😂 😂

    just a harmless potatojust a harmless potatoOy oldin
  • 7:15 must be a great content for Brian

    just a harmless potatojust a harmless potatoOy oldin
  • Yo H2O there is new TABS update with 2 new factions and map, and a new Multilayer game mode, check it out

    Minotaur .357Minotaur .357Oy oldin
  • Jojo reference 1:52

    Mr.HelmetMr.HelmetOy oldin
  • Someone needs to tell Nogla just to shut the fuck up 🤣 he is literally wrong 99.9% of the time. Poor Moo

    Adam GitmedAdam GitmedOy oldin
  • H2O Delirious there's a new update in tabs check it out and go to the secret door in the medieval map and the Spooky map

    Dorothy RopeDorothy RopeOy oldin
  • For the love of hell PLEASE do more of this one! 😂 Almost peed myself laughing so hard 🤣

    Kyle BrockKyle BrockOy oldin
  • I miss this moment where Delirious laugh and scream so loud

    SightedSightedOy oldin
  • Do tabs there been like 2 huge updates

    Jadon ChesnuttJadon ChesnuttOy oldin
  • Hey delirious i found you in roblox stick figure sandbox dancing with pink teddy

    K lopezK lopezOy oldin
  • Keep grinding bro

    ShaunJaynes-ShaunJaynes-Oy oldin
  • 3:08 tea is ready

    Acejak1234 F22raptoraceAcejak1234 F22raptoraceOy oldin
  • There's an update to tabs. good and evil factions have been added.

    A. RavichandranA. RavichandranOy oldin
  • 4:49-5:07 bruh you can hear the ghost of everyone

    Red TronRed TronOy oldin
  • DO a gaming set up reveal plz that will be dope

    FaZe_ MrReconFaZe_ MrReconOy oldin
  • Hey delirious you scored on a girl like Liz

    Marios MindsetMarios MindsetOy oldin
  • Delirious there is a new update do you remember the secret door in you're favorite map in T.A.B.S well the door can be opend look at the door and stare at it and if its shaking it will open wait longer then the door will open and in the middle will be a porter and go in it and now you have to finish the map if you do you will unlock a new map and new people

    Siren HeadSiren HeadOy oldin
  • why pin a comment when you can comment a pin📍

    Warturtle WatchesWarturtle WatchesOy oldin
  • This shit is already fucking hilarious even when you play without imposters!😂😂

    lil chadwinlil chadwinOy oldin
  • nogla always dies first

    Ashton MathewAshton MathewOy oldin
  • Love the JoJo refernces Besto friendo.

    dsg 007dsg 007Oy oldin
  • Of all the mods you guys have done, this is probably the best one. This is just awesome.

  • I love this mod Nogla I ka-boom😂🤣 to my friend when playing among us

    Dean Matthew Aranda RaynogDean Matthew Aranda RaynogOy oldin
  • Nogla is lets use the word special.....Hes a grown ass man who is addicted to Pokemon cards for a start

    Tom YorkeTom YorkeOy oldin
  • Holy shot best mod ever. I need it please!!!

    TraceyxxroseTraceyxxroseOy oldin
  • Hey i subbed with notification

    Crafting For KidsCrafting For KidsOy oldin
  • H20 delirious please play tabs they had a big update

    Timothy SardeaTimothy SardeaOy oldin
  • Delirious play tabs it have a new update pls

    Mikail Aljihad ZulvaMikail Aljihad ZulvaOy oldin
  • Hi delirious I'm sorry I couldn't talk to you on your live streams I didn't have enough money sorry

    soulsoulOy oldin
  • 12 hour uploaded get 41 on trending wow!

    Lazy Human_Lazy Human_Oy oldin
  • Hot potato hot potato who has the hot potato if you have the hot potato you will die:)

    Tristen.YTristen.YOy oldin
  • Nogla can’t play for shit

    Ayo WavyAyo WavyOy oldin
  • Laughing so hard when he laughed thank you delirious

    Antonio ZunigaAntonio ZunigaOy oldin
  • Hey Delirious nice Jo-Jo reference 😂😂😂😂

    SSB GogetaSSB GogetaOy oldin
  • I just know that the three impostor option was made for mods like this

    AnchyAnchyOy oldin
  • I could never play with Terroriser because he'll feel sorry for himself 90% the time and can't play with Nogla because he's always 3rd, 4th and 5th imposter haha

    Christian TylerChristian TylerOy oldin
  • I love the hot potato mod so much!!!! Delirious could you guys make more content on it please!!!! 🥺

    Whitney WareWhitney WareOy oldin
  • These among us videos are always so great to watch XD

    Simon OtoriSimon OtoriOy oldin