5-Fev, 2021
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  • I turn 19 this year. I missed you dude.

    hidden venushidden venus3 soat oldin
  • I was going to say that that was where babylirious was born.

    The HogushaThe Hogusha6 soat oldin
  • 25:55 10 Foot Hoochie! Freddy Kruger! Oh my god!

    Amaterasu No MangakaAmaterasu No Mangaka23 soat oldin
  • Death by snu snu

    Just_ HaikaLJust_ HaikaLKun oldin
  • "I'z knows, how to deal with vampires"

  • I can’t fucking wait for this game I already pre-ordered the deluxe edition resident evil is the best games of all time I love Capcom!! Just two more months

    Madison HurleyMadison Hurley2 kun oldin
  • Delirious why you buy with PS5

    One GamersOne Gamers5 kun oldin
  • PlayStation: its a good time to notify him. Notification: hitman 3 installed 25:55

    Aux man GamingAux man Gaming8 kun oldin
  • Seen people simping for the vampire lady

    BoatDogeBoatDoge9 kun oldin
  • I loved how delirious went from kinda joking to "i need to get the hell out" kinda quick. I dont blame him at all

    Kim JackominoKim Jackomino10 kun oldin
  • 11:16 There's the crow, I was looking for it. It's not an H20Delirious video without a crow😁

    Sidney SteeleSidney Steele11 kun oldin
  • Can't wait for him to play it, I loved the Resident Evil 7 biohazard series

    Mr. ZogusarMr. Zogusar11 kun oldin
  • I can't wait for it oh my goshhh

    Soya3eanSoya3ean11 kun oldin
  • If I heard "I'm watching you" I would've broke the front door with my shoulder

    ScorpionScorpion12 kun oldin
  • 24:56 I love that he’s scream 😂

    isaac d estradaisaac d estrada12 kun oldin
  • Tall lady yes mama

    Liam GrayLiam Gray12 kun oldin
  • I like how he sees the dress and doesn’t even know that it was the lady standing in the dark like a statue😭😭😭

    ZbrazyZbrazy13 kun oldin
  • Delirious you got that drip

    Liam GrayLiam Gray13 kun oldin
  • why does it say he's playing among us?

    Leo McCabeLeo McCabe13 kun oldin
  • wouldnt a uv flashlight be a god weapon against vampires

    mr common sense livemr common sense live13 kun oldin
  • I can’t wait for this!!!

    Tracey STracey S14 kun oldin
  • We xbox freinds. It's swarthy

    Jacob SweatJacob Sweat14 kun oldin

    T-juce GamesT-juce Games14 kun oldin
  • She's getting so many simps... I-

    RedxBebeRedxBebe16 kun oldin
  • Imagine being all alone in the dark and hearing delirious laugh

    Salvador ElizarrarasSalvador Elizarraras17 kun oldin
  • I'm watching this and I'm so scared ......the torcher equipment thoo😨omg the creators of this game are..........

    Makayla FanfairMakayla Fanfair17 kun oldin
  • Game: Resident Evil 8 UZworld: Layers of Fears Take it or leave

  • You shouldn’t have locked me up in this house, you don’t know who I am!! Hello?!

  • You sure u want to play this??

    ScottScott18 kun oldin
  • I really thought this was just some random game named village but when I saw resident evil I thought "Aw shit here we go again"

    MalFentsYtMalFentsYt18 kun oldin
  • it should be 10 feet not 10 foot. But great video

    Amadeus VillanuevaAmadeus Villanueva18 kun oldin
  • I love that everyone wants her to crush their heads using her thighs with Delieriouses energy

    Emilio Rafael EsparzaEmilio Rafael Esparza19 kun oldin
  • 20:56

    Golden matterGolden matter20 kun oldin
    • 24:13

      Golden matterGolden matter20 kun oldin
  • *Door vibrates* Me: ...uhm delirious are you sure you want to open that Delirious opens it Me: Shhhhhhhhi....(recognize) my mom is there by the way can't wait for you to play resident evil village *EXCITED NOISES*

    KiddFoxKiddFox20 kun oldin
  • *I'd simp for this woman*

    FBIFBI20 kun oldin
    • Wot

      Krisjoy AgustinKrisjoy Agustin19 kun oldin
  • Why are people simping over this woman? My god bruv

  • *tall lady grabs the player* Player: hit me harder mommy- Tall lady: what? Player: what?

    Darren FrewDarren Frew21 kun oldin
  • How do I find his previous streams? I remember I had to type VOD in front of my search 🤔

    V. Marie Early-HillV. Marie Early-Hill21 kun oldin
  • 15:34 delirious have been playing a lot of hitman lol

    HAKKYHAKKY21 kun oldin
  • I'm not gonna lie I am watching this at night and it's scarying the sh** outta me

    fun movie clips and morefun movie clips and more21 kun oldin
  • I know this place stinks good lord

    Skyla LashaeSkyla Lashae21 kun oldin
  • Oh no delirious was consume by the Milf

    Andrew LeytonAndrew Leyton21 kun oldin
  • e

    destroyer 650destroyer 65021 kun oldin

      Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr.Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr.21 kun oldin
  • Not vampires WITCHES I'd tell by how fancy the dang house is

    SHOT MUG iralSHOT MUG iral22 kun oldin
  • That Hitman 3 popup at the end is priceless 😂

    Zero RykosZero Rykos22 kun oldin
  • Hmm, killing people, calling them "livestock".....sure this ain't a Promised Neverland video game🤔🤣🤣🤣

    Joshua DanielsJoshua Daniels22 kun oldin
  • Right after he said 10 foot hoochiee hitman 3 was installed

    Joko LokoJoko Loko23 kun oldin
  • When Delirious Plays the game: Aw Shit, Here we go again.

    Wil NaporaWil Napora23 kun oldin
  • The ending XD Now I'm ready for Hitman 3

    Joel TheseiraJoel Theseira23 kun oldin
  • I just got a Cadillac commercial with Edward scissor hands.

    GenericNameGenericName23 kun oldin
  • "10 foot hoochie!... Freddy Krueger!...I'm ready for Hitman apparently." All within like 10 seconds. 😂

    Ashley GossettAshley Gossett23 kun oldin
    • Welcome To The Family, Son.

      Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr.Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr.21 kun oldin
  • hitman 3 at the end made my day, i didn't stop laughing that timing 'im ready to play hitman apparently'

    LammyTwoLammyTwo23 kun oldin
  • 10 foot hoochie 😂

    Jake SchwankJake Schwank23 kun oldin
  • I think delirious should try play escape the ayuwoki.. That will make delirious scream crow always

    Skyrim MarvelSkyrim Marvel23 kun oldin
  • Bruh that thumbnail

    FurtherChimp668FurtherChimp66823 kun oldin
  • i literally screamed my heart out when the ghost lady jumped at delirious.

    Ashleey TorresAshleey Torres24 kun oldin
  • This looks good

    Aaron RevillAaron Revill24 kun oldin
  • You're in it that way huh 😏😏

    Adrian CervantesAdrian Cervantes24 kun oldin

    Elissa GreenElissa Green24 kun oldin
  • the end scared the hell out of me

    Javier PintoJavier Pinto24 kun oldin
  • OMG i am dead "10 foot hoochie"

    Santiago ManciaSantiago Mancia24 kun oldin
  • Why change title “the tall and scary hoochie” was a good title

    timmy da bananatimmy da banana24 kun oldin
  • Man below me is 100% hoochie

    urgaeurgae24 kun oldin
  • Rip crowlirious You will be remembered from all the videos have a good life in heaven👋👋👼👼15:01

    Quincy JonesQuincy Jones24 kun oldin
  • Intensisy .... instensisy “AHHHH In-ten-sity”

    JCatalan CJCatalan C24 kun oldin
  • *long gasp* “holy hell look at that dress! That is a tall lady. Woo that’s a giant woman” 😂😂😂

    GothDemxn GamingGothDemxn Gaming24 kun oldin
  • 7:44 the bloody version of cracker barrel

    Jameer TaylorJameer Taylor25 kun oldin
  • 15:04 did delirious farted 😭🤣🤣

    Ni-ki NishimuraNi-ki Nishimura25 kun oldin
  • Church: We feel evil and dangerous vibes here The ghostbusters: We will prove the evil presence here in this place thru our gadgets. Anime peeps: We can feel the "Ara, ara" vibes XD

    Elena HernandezElena Hernandez25 kun oldin
  • Aint a resident evil with out the Pegging

    H YellowH Yellow25 kun oldin
  • Ah yes delirious is of culture

    Khai WarnerKhai Warner25 kun oldin
  • I’d think Cartoonz would get Delirious drunk.. squirrel would be the trickster

    LucinaFanLucinaFan25 kun oldin
  • The thumbnail

    cool turtlecool turtle25 kun oldin
  • I dunno why but 10 foot hoochie is the funniest thing I have heard deletions say.

    Justin TunJustin Tun25 kun oldin
  • 6:16 Delirious: This is hell Me: I would say kinky but that works too ig🙄

    R A N D O M N E E TR A N D O M N E E T25 kun oldin
  • First thing he notices is the toilet

    bluesoulwolf14 bluebluesoulwolf14 blue25 kun oldin
  • We have to be discreet, THIS IS FANCY ! LOOK AT THIS 🗣️🗣️🗣️😂 lmao

    Samantha BaileySamantha Bailey26 kun oldin
  • They gotta be some kind of demon vampires!

    KerriCraze helpsKerriCraze helps26 kun oldin
  • Hoochie

    killer123 2.0killer123 2.026 kun oldin
  • When you want a cinematic moment, Delirious does it the best like this moment 9:54

    Z34RKZ34RK26 kun oldin
  • I was wondering when delirious would play this game, happy to see he enjoyed the demo.

    Jacob MugfordJacob Mugford26 kun oldin
  • How did resident evil go from zombies to vampires....

    Jose EscobedoJose Escobedo26 kun oldin
  • "Gotta be stealthy!........ Hello?" Classic Delirious

    Eclipsa27Eclipsa2726 kun oldin
  • can you try to get nightmares 2

    Bill HormanBill Horman26 kun oldin
  • You wake up in random places? I know the answer u got brought here by hucci's again lol

    Angelo Jones BuyaganAngelo Jones Buyagan26 kun oldin
  • that was a big dood dood for delerious and me and also pretty much everyone else

    lucius exelbylucius exelby26 kun oldin
  • This game has brought out the thirsty virgins 😂

    Karli GraceKarli Grace26 kun oldin
  • Did anyone notice at 17:07 it looks like the tall lady is standing right there on the side of the screen or was it just me?

    RobThaRaikageRobThaRaikage26 kun oldin
  • I love this 😂 literally playing back the screams lmaooo

    Wolf roboWolf robo26 kun oldin
  • Re8 streaming pls

    Darius EdwardDarius Edward26 kun oldin
  • I love how it said hit man 3 installed

    natan gamesnatan games26 kun oldin
  • Easter egg the nails/claws (Freddie) But the biggest one is H2o Delirious would like to get choked by 9'6 almost close to 10 ft saying more than just yes, mommy probably would be called next waifu

    Lone Wolf Jet Jet V2Lone Wolf Jet Jet V226 kun oldin
  • somebody please animate this

    idiotic Gamingidiotic Gaming26 kun oldin
  • My poor stomach 😭🤢🤮

    QisizQisiz26 kun oldin
  • Their damn vampires

    Ginny PenningtonGinny Pennington26 kun oldin
  • Game: Resident Evil: Village UZworld: This Is Definitely Layers Of Fear *Check At The Very Bottom Of The Description To See What I Mean*

    M17 bullyM17 bully26 kun oldin
  • Started talking shit and she laughed at you

    2.0 32.0 326 kun oldin
  • “Yes mommy” so we all in love with her, huh?

    Elizabeth YatesElizabeth Yates26 kun oldin
  • Delirious: aaaah holy shit 10 foot hoochy Freddy Krueger

    desiree delizdesiree deliz26 kun oldin
  • *Yes.*

    JohnJohn26 kun oldin