10-Fev, 2021
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This was a fun mod where the Joker can vote out anyone they want!
Mod created by DatGuy!
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🎵 Outtro song: By SpacemanChaos!
#Delirious #AmongUs

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    H2ODeliriousH2ODelirious24 kun oldin

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    • sure H2Opot

      SpoonSpoon12 kun oldin
    • H2ODelirous

      SpoonSpoon12 kun oldin
    • sure

      SpoonSpoon12 kun oldin
    • Yo ngl FAXS

      Aleron m FariasAleron m Farias19 kun oldin
  • 15:13 Me when i found my girlfriend cheating

    Ari wahyuAri wahyu8 kun oldin
  • Delirious: Give us your best laugh Legiqn. Legiqn: Laughs like a dying horse.

    dominick dilliondominick dillion9 kun oldin
  • F**K -Vanoss

    Ethan NgakoEthan Ngako10 kun oldin
  • Who the fuck haha😂😂😂

    Daquan CovingtonDaquan Covington12 kun oldin
  • I love ur videos

    xXVIPgamerifxXVIPgamerif12 kun oldin
  • Does anyone else think the "Joker" is a reference to Persona? The role literally has crewmates have a change of heart

    Shadowsweg 69Shadowsweg 6912 kun oldin
  • Cool

    999 WRLD999 WRLD12 kun oldin
  • Vanoss do you know Jacksepticeye

    SpoonSpoon12 kun oldin
  • Silent droid it’s been too long

    prokoolkid27prokoolkid2713 kun oldin
  • Delirious killed Terroriser in front of like 3 people and no one saw it. Lmao.

    MEB 1997MEB 199714 kun oldin
  • The moans at the start tho 😂😂😂

    Woof Woof NigletWoof Woof Niglet15 kun oldin
  • How did legiqn get in medbay?

    carmelo Jenkinscarmelo Jenkins16 kun oldin
  • The beginning 🤣

    NarryNarry16 kun oldin
  • What if there was a Batman mod like if your the Batman you can't get voted out you can spy on poeple like a detective you can turn invisible anyone agree?

    xCha1n3dC00kie FoxxCha1n3dC00kie Fox18 kun oldin
  • 1:21 astro bros? PuT tHeM tOgEtHeR yOu GeT assbros.

    Kaleb LynnKaleb Lynn19 kun oldin
  • i like how the donkey kong country theme is playing ever so lowly in the background xD nice choice in music, Mr. Delirious

    Kiba IshumakiKiba Ishumaki19 kun oldin
  • 14:45 this is what happens when everyone is sus

    angel kunangel kun19 kun oldin
  • the echoes from the beginning XD

    JayJay RosalJayJay Rosal19 kun oldin
  • This went way better than the Star Wars one, lol. Both are fun vids.

    geekqueen2010geekqueen201019 kun oldin
  • I can't stand wildcats smart ass. Every video he's in im okay for not watching.

    Cody WhittCody Whitt19 kun oldin
  • Oh ah mmm *moans* harder oh

    Pro MonsterPro Monster20 kun oldin
  • 18:13 He said "muerte!" so enthusiastically

    Dio- chuDio- chu20 kun oldin
  • The intro was to funny

    Jayden BriceJayden Brice20 kun oldin
  • Love it so much

    Aaron RevillAaron Revill20 kun oldin
  • Wtf you unlike haters

    Rhino DazanRhino Dazan20 kun oldin
  • Legions joker laugh is the best part of this vid

    Dorian Samar'sDorian Samar's20 kun oldin
  • Droid!

    Largemouth FishermanLargemouth Fisherman20 kun oldin
  • So we're not going to acknowledge terrorizer quoting W.A.P at 2:30

    Anthony McnealAnthony Mcneal21 kun oldin
  • You are like the rest of them you want to make fun of me Showing my video , Inviting me on the show you are awful

    RedRed21 kun oldin
  • Is anyone gonna talk his background music which is some reason is donkey Kong 🤔

    Rontabious BrookenRontabious Brooken21 kun oldin
  • Bro sometimes delirious gets very risky kills as an imposter infront of everybody and somehow gets away with it

    MR Wood ChopMR Wood Chop21 kun oldin
  • Look up the Time Magazine article that basically lays out how the 2020 election was rigged. They tell everything and say it was to save the election and fortify it for the proper outcome.

    rbracewell21rbracewell2121 kun oldin
  • Monica geller 7:18

    Rick HernándezRick Hernández21 kun oldin
  • man ive missed droidd lol

    OutlawedGentlemanOutlawedGentleman21 kun oldin
  • Pls do sheriff

    tia marlquetia marlque21 kun oldin
  • ???: Evan evan evan even even Me: *breaks*

    calex Youtubecalex Youtube21 kun oldin

    FroppyFroppy22 kun oldin
  • His laugh is the best😂

    Dominique BrownDominique Brown22 kun oldin
  • 18:04 lol I love the way he says cool

    Bach leBach le22 kun oldin
  • soo if the group votes someone out, and the joker votes someone else, will two people get voted out at once?

    Davar LewisDavar Lewis22 kun oldin
  • I had a concussion and couldn't watch anything but when I could I felt a lot better about you thank you delirious

    Kellen ShiringKellen Shiring22 kun oldin
  • Only oh reners droid

    Mauri LucianoMauri Luciano22 kun oldin
  • The intro cracked me up lol

    AriefPlayzAriefPlayz22 kun oldin
  • How did he pull out that kill

    Frost RusherFrost Rusher22 kun oldin
  • I thought the thumbnail said "WHY SO SUSI?"

    Anthony William CesAnthony William Ces22 kun oldin
  • I almost relapsed on nofap to this kinda funny

    Kokoro MinKokoro Min22 kun oldin
    • When I heard the moans

      Kokoro MinKokoro Min22 kun oldin
  • Yup

    Jasias SanchezJasias Sanchez22 kun oldin
  • That fucking horse that popped up for legion's laugh had me in tears 😂😂😂

    Nick HawkinsNick Hawkins22 kun oldin
  • Let’s be honest delirious playing these guys makes your day

    Swish JeezSwish Jeez22 kun oldin
  • Terrorizer turned into Joseph joestar there

    Jayden PresleyJayden Presley22 kun oldin
  • Why so delirious

    Damzz thegamerDamzz thegamer22 kun oldin
  • “Hey Scotty wanna learn some Spanish, muerte” I really want to see Droidd POV

    CarlosSSJ9KCarlosSSJ9K22 kun oldin
  • Yo you guys need to make a juggernaut role. it just sounds dope

    Hoot1648Hoot164822 kun oldin
  • There’s another horror game I want you to place called Bendy and the ink machine and it’s good please play I am one of your biggest fans

    Tahmoney XTahmoney X22 kun oldin
  • delirious can you make a series playing little nightmares 2 i wasnt there for the stream sadly

    Donovan The DBZ LoverDonovan The DBZ Lover22 kun oldin
  • Vanoss was so cute when he said he spilt something

    Rose SuttonRose Sutton22 kun oldin
  • Play little nightmares

    KËMØŚÄBËKËMØŚÄBË22 kun oldin
  • Can you do little nightmares 2 videos

    mr. whiteslimemr. whiteslime22 kun oldin
  • They should do a Hantzel and Gretel with one witch and the witches can kill the crew mates and turn them into witches and the witches gotta found out who hantzel and gretel are if the witches kill those to then they win. That would be a great mod

    Xxslip KnotxxXxslip Knotxx22 kun oldin
  • wait how and why are they talking? do they only talk when their close?

    NuktiseNuktise22 kun oldin
  • “Speak Spanish!!” *kills* “muerte!”

    Lauren KelleyLauren Kelley22 kun oldin
  • R u gonna finish hello neighbor

    Maria Paz IxtaMaria Paz Ixta23 kun oldin
  • no ones gonna talk about that very rare moment where vanoss said a cuss word

    id kid k23 kun oldin

    Rose ToussaintRose Toussaint23 kun oldin
    • 🤣

      Acehitman369Acehitman36921 kun oldin
  • Hey delirious why not you make a series about a game named Knack it’s a really fun Game it’s an action Well what would Your decision be not played or Playing

    Riley JonesRiley Jones23 kun oldin
  • TELL ME WHY!!!!!!!!!

    Monae WilliamsMonae Williams23 kun oldin
  • Hey Delirious... Can you play Dead by Daylight with Terroriser?

  • Hey Delirious... Can you play Dead by Daylight with Terroriser?

  • E

    Landon SosebeeLandon Sosebee23 kun oldin
  • This video kinda helps me emotionly because my uncle loved the joker and he just passed away

    Modern AmazingModern Amazing23 kun oldin
  • best among us mod so far

    Tyrese SparrowTyrese Sparrow23 kun oldin
  • Delirious u should do the tabs unit creator with vannos

    makai on switchmakai on switch23 kun oldin
  • i did a hunger games simulation and i put delirious and liz katz and liz katz won with 5 kills

  • It’s so cool to see yumi and Delirious in the same game

    XpkarmaXpkarma23 kun oldin
  • droidd is back hell yeah

    ExoVelcomeExoVelcome23 kun oldin
  • Also glad to see everyone playing together again you guys make any game hilarious lol

    Veronica LopezVeronica Lopez23 kun oldin
  • I'm so happy to see Droidd more I missed him wish he'd talk more lol

    Veronica LopezVeronica Lopez23 kun oldin
  • Droid is delirious number 1 fan!

    Chrispower110Chrispower11023 kun oldin
  • Lmao 😂

    Leland LelandLeland Leland23 kun oldin
  • Me watching this while my parents are beside me:

    Mikasa AckermanMikasa Ackerman23 kun oldin
  • Can you please do some more Life or Dead videos me and my aunt love to watch them and we really miss them because you were so funny and I love the one with the Teletubbies and I also love the one with the SpongeBob characters〜(꒪꒳꒪)〜❤️

    Dayra MartinezDayra Martinez23 kun oldin
  • The first part so funny i swear :D delirious

    Hamza aliHamza ali23 kun oldin
  • My father was a drinker

    savage creeper 12savage creeper 1223 kun oldin
  • Wait! Why did you take the live down that u did playing little nightmares!!! Why!!

    GypsyGypsy23 kun oldin

    schema coryschema cory23 kun oldin
  • Hey delirious, can you guys make an avatar vs imposter mod. Would be happy if my request was honored. Long live the Delirious Army

    Z ForceZ Force23 kun oldin
  • Anybody heard the announcement of the joker in Justice League?

    Alex CastleAlex Castle23 kun oldin
  • H20Delirious you are so funny dude can u upload another video dead by daylight

    Josh gamingJosh gaming23 kun oldin
  • Wait what happened to his little nightmares 2 stream video I don’t see it anywhere now

    Isaiah TorresIsaiah Torres23 kun oldin
  • Dulton DuntleyDulton Duntley23 kun oldin
  • That intro was funny XD

    Hidan's HangHidan's Hang23 kun oldin
  • 0:58 man bouta start rapping

    Its BebeIts Bebe23 kun oldin
  • It's the animations for me 🤣🤣🤣

    Isis WhittyIsis Whitty23 kun oldin

    J EnlightenmentJ Enlightenment23 kun oldin
  • Ee

    Cody McAllisterCody McAllister23 kun oldin
  • I missed droidd! Omg..

    Inna V.Inna V.23 kun oldin
  • i was sat next to my dad on the first bit...

    Helen GalleryHelen Gallery23 kun oldin
  • Yeah refrensis

    JX Among usJX Among us23 kun oldin
  • Why are the lights dimming- Famous last words

    Zoe RevillaZoe Revilla23 kun oldin