Tiny Delirious plays Little Nightmares 2 DEMO!

8-Fev, 2021
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  • Black squtrl

    Oliver Eidjord hannsenOliver Eidjord hannsen15 soat oldin
  • Runaway Kid = Seven

    Unkown PersonUnkown Person3 kun oldin
  • Raincoat Girl = six

    Unkown PersonUnkown Person3 kun oldin
  • Bag Boy = Mono

    Unkown PersonUnkown Person3 kun oldin
  • Play the real one plsss....

    Ry nxRy nx3 kun oldin

    Acid CappuccinöAcid Cappuccinö3 kun oldin
  • I dont watch no 1 else gameplay only delirious cause everyone aint the same vibe like him

    Jamaal rockJamaal rock4 kun oldin
  • monolirious!!!!

    {Edgy Edge Studios}{Edgy Edge Studios}4 kun oldin
  • Please play little nightmares II

    SmileyVortexSmileyVortex5 kun oldin
  • sometimes i wonder if delirious is a hidden psychopath

    Dominic Johnson (Student)Dominic Johnson (Student)5 kun oldin

    kvr0nkvr0n5 kun oldin
  • 🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋⛰🌋🌋

    Andre PhillipAndre Phillip6 kun oldin
  • Demo I would like to play that I'm going to download it today

    Jahreese FlemingJahreese Fleming8 kun oldin
  • It’s outttt

    Kayla NicoleKayla Nicole8 kun oldin
  • Delirious do you watch coryxkenshin videos the ending is sad from little nightmare 2 the ending is sad

    JasonJason9 kun oldin
  • Delirious there. Is. Sad ending

    Regidor SerranoRegidor Serrano10 kun oldin
  • Play the first game

    Potato KunPotato Kun11 kun oldin
  • 'there's always a rainbow over horizond-' so that's why I'm gay now?

    CommunismCommunism12 kun oldin
    • @Êľ Gato Puss in boots Well thanks I do like my profile pic but I'm not a guy-

      CommunismCommunism2 kun oldin
    • It is always guys with cute profile that are gay

      Êľ Gato Puss in bootsÊľ Gato Puss in boots2 kun oldin
    • Great hope you find the rigth guy

      Êľ Gato Puss in bootsÊľ Gato Puss in boots2 kun oldin
  • idk if i’m the only one but the atmosphere in little nightmares isn’t scary. it makes me kinda sad ngl. the first one was an incredible game and i can’t wait for the second. i need to know how it plays out.

    the middle childthe middle child12 kun oldin
    • @The Sans's i know i meant for him to play it

      the middle childthe middle child8 kun oldin
    • The second game is already out

      The Sans'sThe Sans's8 kun oldin
  • I just love the art of Little Nightmares

    Mic MarieMic Marie12 kun oldin
  • Delirious: Little Nightmares 2 is going to be released this month! Me: The game won't release until November. 😢😢 Love the game.

    Sarah BrightSarah Bright14 kun oldin
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Devin BodieDevin Bodie14 kun oldin
  • Full game🗣🗣

    The DolorThe Dolor15 kun oldin
  • Hi☠️👾

    Jahzalynn WestJahzalynn West15 kun oldin
  • I'm poor so can't join

    notagoodgamerxnotagoodgamerx15 kun oldin
  • Yes play it also i don't have mony

    notagoodgamerxnotagoodgamerx15 kun oldin
  • - a tree trunk being stop by a tree to save delirious - delirious "this world is dangerous" tree that saved delirious "am i a joke to you?"

    just mikelis09just mikelis0915 kun oldin
    • F

      The Sans'sThe Sans's8 kun oldin
  • Anyone else get limbo vibes when you saw 3:11

    KATOmp3KATOmp315 kun oldin
  • I wonder if we will see the rain coat girl from the first one

    KATOmp3KATOmp315 kun oldin
  • Does anyone know the release date of this?

    KATOmp3KATOmp315 kun oldin
    • Yeah, It was released in February 11th, That was like 16 days ago

      The Sans'sThe Sans's8 kun oldin
  • XD cool

    Blak UrbinaBlak Urbina15 kun oldin
  • Me not being a member : :( Me still wanting to ask for him to play the full game when it comes out anyways : Play Little Nightmares 2 when it comes out.

    Bobá NxvaBobá Nxva15 kun oldin
  • I'm pretty sure the kid that's helping you is six from the first little nightmares

    nogin cupsnogin cups15 kun oldin
  • When did he play this? All I saw was the demo and all this wasn’t there!

    Madison VanBekkumMadison VanBekkum15 kun oldin
  • Delirious where did the full 2 or 3 hours stream go?? I had it on watch later

    Renata M.Renata M.16 kun oldin
  • I keep searching his little nightmare 2 gameplay why can't I find it? I've watch the first one but its been days and its not in my history anymore. Edit: Can anyone send me the link? I Think I also saw the part 2 but I was too busy so I didn't click on it and now I can't even watch it even if I search it.

    xviper resolutexviper resolute16 kun oldin
    • same bruh

      Renata M.Renata M.16 kun oldin
  • How about playing resident evil VIIIage?

    Carlos OlaivarCarlos Olaivar16 kun oldin
  • That girl is the girl from the first little nightmare game I saw it

    Colleen DewarColleen Dewar16 kun oldin
  • Do it do it do it do it do it do it do it

    Drake DufreneDrake Dufrene16 kun oldin
  • when are u playing the full game

    Slat YTSlat YT16 kun oldin
  • H20delirious is cool he plays video game so do I

    carmelo Jenkinscarmelo Jenkins16 kun oldin
  • omg im so excited, I cant wait for you to play the game 😭😭

    SocialRejectsxxSocialRejectsxx16 kun oldin
  • I hope he plays the full game soon.

    Kegan NadeauKegan Nadeau16 kun oldin
  • Technically this is little nightmares 2, demo 2🤣

    Super wendy gamer girlSuper wendy gamer girl16 kun oldin
  • 🤴

    Corpse HusbandCorpse Husband17 kun oldin
  • Ayo h20 ik this might not get noticed but it’s worth a try tho but bro you should play devour it’s a very cool scary game you can play single player an multiplayer give it a try!

    24k Unwanted24k Unwanted17 kun oldin
  • Hype hype hype

    Gutter WaysGutter Ways17 kun oldin
  • yes! please play the game! lol

    Heather BirdHeather Bird17 kun oldin
  • Still wanna knoe where part 1 is and part 2 is literally disapared so disappointed i wanted to wstch you playthis but now i gotta watch another yt play it =[

    Lacey WoodlandLacey Woodland17 kun oldin
  • hahahahahaha

    Jaeyuse Levi CironJaeyuse Levi Ciron17 kun oldin
  • Clinical depression makes the problem feel infinitely long

    Kody GeddesKody Geddes17 kun oldin
  • I love this game and watching you play!! Please make more!!

    Brandee KonanuiBrandee Konanui17 kun oldin
  • I like how he makes scary vids so funny and enjoyable

    sKyZsKyZ17 kun oldin
  • I'm gonna wait til you upload the video!! I rather watch you than any other UZworldr play it lol 💯👌🏽

    Roberto GalavizRoberto Galaviz17 kun oldin
  • 19:14 sprinklerlirious

    Djalille BagalsoDjalille Bagalso17 kun oldin
  • i loved the first little nightmares i watched jack septicguy play it

    Samantha HermanSamantha Herman17 kun oldin
  • Some things never change,,,,,, and that mean h20 delirious is still hilarious

    LampshadeLampshade18 kun oldin
  • I love the delicious family!!!

    Jake WebbJake Webb18 kun oldin
  • Hey Delirious I really really want you to play little nightmares 2 atallsoIloveyourvideosso much

    Vietnam duckVietnam duck18 kun oldin
  • Elmer Fudd ran out of wabbits and is hunting wacoons now lol

    Trixie GustavssonTrixie Gustavsson18 kun oldin
  • Delirious please play the full game 🥺

    sanashimsanashim18 kun oldin
  • Please play the full game! 😂 this is amazing

    Kylee_loves_uKylee_loves_u18 kun oldin
  • I absolutely love Delirious I love his laugh and I especially can not wait for him to play the little nightmares II (or any scary game) ❤️❤️❤️

    Diamond GregoryDiamond Gregory18 kun oldin
  • I'm just waiting patiently for him to drop the two-part streams of little nightmares 2 gameplay like some people missed those because of the time difference. :( I was sleeping.

    Joy BradyJoy Brady18 kun oldin

    BaconSniperBaconSniper18 kun oldin
  • When Delirious grabbed that axe I had a Friday the 13th flashback lol

    IsisAtlantisIsisAtlantis18 kun oldin
  • I like you delirious❤❤

    THE JuliaTHE Julia18 kun oldin
  • Delirious you play little nightmares 2😮😮

    THE JuliaTHE Julia18 kun oldin
  • 4:40 that’s why they are after you

    Jack The GeatJack The Geat18 kun oldin
  • I hope

    Firdausy IDFirdausy ID19 kun oldin
  • Crowleriois gets a part in this :D

    Emma StephensEmma Stephens19 kun oldin
  • I'm trying to watch your live streams but I can't find them???😑

    mossy Watersmossy Waters19 kun oldin
  • Can’t wait for the final game, I remember watching you play the first one

    Just AnotherJust Another19 kun oldin
  • Did the vod of him playing it got removed?

    Archazazel 1Archazazel 119 kun oldin
  • Hype hype hype pls play the game pls play the game... Or I’ll cry 😢

    Frosty The goatFrosty The goat19 kun oldin
  • Delirious: *calls ”Little Buddy” a he* Come now Delirious, we dont want to miss-gender people now, do we?

    Kristoffer -Kristoffer -19 kun oldin
  • I love this game so much!

    kelly votsikelly votsi19 kun oldin
  • I need him to play this when it’s out!

    Daniel HernandezDaniel Hernandez19 kun oldin
  • Can someone please tell me where I can find part 1 and 2 of this game? I can't find it 😭😭😭

    Nasserنويصر ،Nasserنويصر ،19 kun oldin
  • Tinylirious added to my lirious lost 😂😂 ive been waiting for this game so excited to see you play it and can't wait for the full game 😁 Also thank you EditorLirious for another Crowlirious to add to my collection 😂😂 "a short term problem for a long time solution" close enough lol

    Emmy ZimaEmmy Zima19 kun oldin
  • Damn how long has it been for little nightmares

    Sonny OjedaSonny Ojeda19 kun oldin
  • Why is he currently streaming part 2 of playing Little Nightmares 2? Did he stream part one earlier and I missed it? I can't find a video of a part 1 video of his playthrough. Someone help!!

    caitlinjane92caitlinjane9219 kun oldin
    • @Cloie Ok, thanks for the info. I just feel bad that I missed it now.

      caitlinjane92caitlinjane9219 kun oldin
  • It’s pretty crazy actually Nightmares 1 six because the lady And her story Reverse and keeps on over and over

    Cool GuyCool Guy19 kun oldin
  • Bruh he said it's a stuffed thing wait till he sees the moving manakins or how ever you spell

    Natsu DragneelNatsu Dragneel19 kun oldin
  • I love Your videos

    Jr PerezJr Perez19 kun oldin
  • I like when he said at the first pop part here's Del

    Shonta WilliamsShonta Williams19 kun oldin
  • I cannot wait for this game to come out!!! Looking forward to it, Delirious!

    Breanna RoseBreanna Rose19 kun oldin
  • Yeet

    yeet manyeet man19 kun oldin
  • the little buddy is the girl from the last game can’t you see how tiny she is

    • that’s six

    • that’s Sasha

    • that’s Sasha six

  • Pls play it❤

    Shurendy InesShurendy Ines19 kun oldin
  • not the demo one

    Rylan RangelRylan Rangel19 kun oldin
  • I can't wait for delirious to play this game! Me and the wife are very excited! Love all your videos!

    Devin SevinDevin Sevin19 kun oldin
  • Looking forward to seeing you play this.

    Daniel RaithDaniel Raith19 kun oldin
  • Who plays a demo but doesn't play the game, who plays a demo 2 days before the game releases

    Zane TurnerZane Turner19 kun oldin
  • lirious the full game is out now

    Melon FruitMelon Fruit19 kun oldin
  • You got to play this game!

    Deondre' HarvelDeondre' Harvel19 kun oldin

    Breezy ReezyBreezy Reezy20 kun oldin
  • Hell yeah G

    mr. jaksonmr. jakson20 kun oldin
  • is it possible for you to upload the stream of this game? I kind of fell a sleep when you start streaming

    draw4 fundraw4 fun20 kun oldin
  • at the start of the vid almost at the end of the hallway he sayes im i drunk? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Khriz RodriguezKhriz Rodriguez20 kun oldin