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  • LOL. H20Delirous just tell her to be quiet but how he says it is so funny. 3:14

    PoisonBluePoisonBlue7 soat oldin
  • Delirious is GRINCH

    AerocythAerocyth20 soat oldin
  • First game delirious mimic only the killers and didn’t even realise it

    SilentWolfKillsSilentWolfKills21 soat oldin
  • Dead game lol

    that guy from schoolthat guy from school23 soat oldin
  • Не ждали а я тут ;)

    ME4TA GLME4TA GLKun oldin
  • Where is resident evil 8 Game delirious?

    Free SpiritFree SpiritKun oldin
  • Hahahahahahahahahahahshahahshaha delirious rialuvsyou:delirious is imposter . Delirious: stop saying I'm imposter

    Jermaine SmithjrJermaine SmithjrKun oldin
  • Delirious and Toonz are my favorite gamer duo! ✊✊💯

    JayBob ThunderwortJayBob ThunderwortKun oldin
  • Lol 🤣🤣🤣

    مشاريمشاري2 kun oldin
  • Try to play without having everyone do skip vote

    WolfRoseWolfRose2 kun oldin
  • Was it just me or did it seem like rilla was out of it ?

    WoWo2 kun oldin
  • Lol delirious messed up at the end lol 🤣

    MightymMightym2 kun oldin
  • 3:15 WTFRICK 🤣

    Boing doi . — .Boing doi . — .2 kun oldin
  • Lol poor ria running as she panics

    Dwayne BrambleDwayne Bramble3 kun oldin
  • hey uh delirious my man, I know you like making views and playing new mods but uhh don't you think the among us ship has kinda sailed by now, mean this game was a massive thing like a year ago and well I want to see you make videos of other games again.

    Alpha Vex StudiosAlpha Vex Studios3 kun oldin
  • I’m honey here for the oh no jojo reference

    Bigboi SammyBigboi Sammy3 kun oldin
  • Delirious you crack me up keep at it dude

    Scion boss 114Scion boss 1143 kun oldin

    Trevor WilliamsonTrevor Williamson3 kun oldin
  • 5:31 LMFAO

    Jetro the Bad OmenJetro the Bad Omen3 kun oldin
  • I wished Rilla's last words in Vault would have been "meow"

    Dayle McDonaldDayle McDonald3 kun oldin
  • I get the siblings vibe from delirious, toonz, and deadsquirrel. Love it when they play together❤️

    rissa rissarissa rissa3 kun oldin
  • This video is probably my favorite so far. The Glitch role just causes absolute chaos and it is hilarious! 😂

    Thegrandtheftmaster 105Thegrandtheftmaster 1053 kun oldin
  • i liked when he said ria are you a bitch. Lol

    kinseliplierkinseliplier3 kun oldin
  • theres a glitch among us

    jaycooljaycool3 kun oldin
  • Damn h20 you didn’t need to say that to the girl

    Gaming With BuggybutGaming With Buggybut3 kun oldin
  • you're delirious what is kids day

    diana solisdiana solis3 kun oldin
  • Happy birthday boss! Hope it was a great one

    Brenden SchmidtBrenden Schmidt3 kun oldin
  • Happy birthday 🎁🎊🎈🎉🎂

    Strap GangStrap Gang3 kun oldin
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY H20 DELIRIOUS YOU ARE MY FAV UZworldR 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🎉🎊🥳🥳🥳🍰🎁🎁🎈 and I also got you teddy bear🧸🧸

    Deumair AlcarazDeumair Alcaraz3 kun oldin
  • Hey h2o Delirious when are you going to Make a part 2 of it take two?

    Thee NgoThee Ngo3 kun oldin
  • First time delirious never post a new video

    • Ik where he at

      FendiiFendii3 kun oldin
  • My firend Bryson watches u a lot

    AlexAlex3 kun oldin
  • happy birthday delirious wooooooooooo

    dekers willdekers will4 kun oldin
  • I love the moment of Delirious running down Ria and Toonz vs Delirious in the end😂

    camryn jonescamryn jones4 kun oldin
  • Happy Birthday! 🍰🥳

    xcerryxcerry4 kun oldin
  • May 2, 2021: Happy 34th Birthday! :)

    WildDancer101WildDancer1014 kun oldin
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!🥳🥳🥳

    Lucas Baracoa1384Lucas Baracoa13844 kun oldin
  • Day 1 of asking for gta

    Nathan WyattNathan Wyatt4 kun oldin
  • Happy birthday 🎉

    Madison ReddixMadison Reddix4 kun oldin
  • HAPPY BIRTH DAY H20 🎂🎉🎉🎉🥳

    GhostyGhosty4 kun oldin
  • Happy Birthday 🎂🥳

    Gloria MoersenGloria Moersen4 kun oldin
  • Happy birthday Delirious!!🥳🥳

    shooky's milkshooky's milk4 kun oldin
  • Is delirious birthday 🎉🎉🎉🎂🎂🎂 make a wish !!!!

    LAURA HernándezLAURA Hernández4 kun oldin
  • You are so funny and sometimes I wish I didn't know what you were talking about

    Brandi RaifordBrandi Raiford4 kun oldin
  • i am a proud member of the delirious army

    Ymir The FounderYmir The Founder4 kun oldin
  • John LeightonJohn Leighton4 kun oldin

    Patrick CollinsPatrick Collins4 kun oldin
  • Happy birthday delirious it’s my birthday to

    Devin KennedyDevin Kennedy4 kun oldin
  • happy

    dl isaiah Ψdl isaiah Ψ4 kun oldin

    DavidJB I YTDavidJB I YT4 kun oldin

    Carla WilsonCarla Wilson4 kun oldin
  • Happy 34th Birthday Delirious

    Potato PotatoPotato Potato4 kun oldin
  • I love how Delirious chased Ria for so long then right after turns into Bryce lol

    Dana HurtDana Hurt4 kun oldin
  • You should play dungeon keeper

    JammenJammen4 kun oldin
  • Happy birthday to H2O Delirious!!!!!

    blazecronicle123blazecronicle1234 kun oldin
  • HAHAHAHA!!! When delirous turn into bryce then rialuvsyou just see delirous is a glitch in front of her then she starts running! I was LOL when delirous killed her then said "QUIT TELIING PEOPLE WHO I AM!!! " just a hell of a laughter man!

    gabriel esparragogabriel esparrago4 kun oldin
  • Waiting for H2O Delirious Resident Evil Village 1Hour Demo💖

    LOL LOLLOL LOL4 kun oldin
  • Hey h20 are you in your 30s or 20s?

    Ihakara Miratana WinterburnIhakara Miratana Winterburn4 kun oldin
  • Happy birthday Delirious

    Pooh BearPooh Bear4 kun oldin
  • Happy Birthday Delirious🎂🍰

    Felix LesheyFelix Leshey4 kun oldin
  • If am not wrong today is delirious birthday i just want to say happy birthday and i wish you the best man

    Paris PapasParis Papas4 kun oldin
  • COOL

  • Hey delirious do you still play with vanoss and the others because I wanna see more videos with you and them playing and keep up the good work:)

    Zero _twoZero _two4 kun oldin
    • He still does just sometimes.

      King TimothyKing Timothy3 kun oldin
  • Ngl, Rilla probably started sweating *buckets* with what Delirious just sang out at 4:56. 🤣

    Nathaniel MalcolmNathaniel Malcolm4 kun oldin
  • From what I know this man is an American Indian crow/chipmunk who plays with a dead squirrel and a crazy bearded viking

    Fireztar YEEFireztar YEE4 kun oldin
  • Happy Burthay😊!

    Теодора ПенковаТеодора Пенкова4 kun oldin
  • Happy Birthday!

    Insanity and InsomniaInsanity and Insomnia4 kun oldin
  • Happy birthday Delirious!!!

    Roelio FashoRoelio Fasho4 kun oldin

    Viper4Zer0Viper4Zer04 kun oldin
  • .....

    Y A Z E E D the kingY A Z E E D the king4 kun oldin
  • S T O P

    Y A Z E E D the kingY A Z E E D the king4 kun oldin
  • Just stop please.

    Y A Z E E D the kingY A Z E E D the king4 kun oldin
  • Happy Birthday Big D! (May 2nd here where J live)

    Kim Jong MidwayKim Jong Midway4 kun oldin
  • Happy birthday h20 delirious as it is also my birthday :3

    KatskuKatsku4 kun oldin
  • Hey H2Odelirous can u please make more mc vids

    Alex AlexandruAlex Alexandru4 kun oldin
  • Ah yes.

    CJ the small gamerCJ the small gamer4 kun oldin
  • Finally an impostor vs glitch mod I have been waiting for this moment

    LemonDemonFan YTLemonDemonFan YT4 kun oldin
  • I watched this man for quite some time and im glad of that till this day i still think he is the funniest youtuber and simply the best keep up the good wrok delirious

    za wardoza wardo4 kun oldin
  • Delirious play days gone it's cool it's zombies plz🥰🥺

    Abraham SalinasAbraham Salinas4 kun oldin
  • happy birthday delirious!

    Markus BiagtasMarkus Biagtas4 kun oldin
  • In Delirious’ mind:”THE GIANT SQUIRREL MUST DIE!”

    Matthew ElliottMatthew Elliott4 kun oldin
  • That thumbnail is so fuckin GOOD 😭💛

    Ymir HexYmir Hex4 kun oldin
  • I know who you are delirious

    dereck gonzalezdereck gonzalez4 kun oldin
  • Happy Birthday!🎁🎂🎊 (From EU)

    LaryツLaryツ5 kun oldin
  • H20 kills crewmate toonzs kills witnesses H20 u got my back i got yours toonz k truce partners in crime

    Killa GarzaKilla Garza5 kun oldin
  • Play grounded again

    Mumu SwaggerMumu Swagger5 kun oldin
  • Jason X is in the Friday the 13th game

    GalaxyBoyGalaxyBoy5 kun oldin
  • First Its delirious v.s. Vanoss Now its Delirious v.s CaRtOonz 😂

    Jesy TobonJesy Tobon5 kun oldin
  • I loved the part when Bryce kills delirious

    Jesy TobonJesy Tobon5 kun oldin
  • That was a cool art style in right hand Cartoonz

    Spring_ NapSpring_ Nap5 kun oldin
  • I just wanna see Kyle struggling to open the safe from his perspective! 😂

    Plague DoctorPlague Doctor5 kun oldin
  • If in the thumbnail delirious eye would have been blue he would look like sans

    Jairo Feria ReyesJairo Feria Reyes5 kun oldin
  • You want to build a snow chicken

    Chris JonesChris Jones5 kun oldin
  • Only true fans will remember: deliriously trolled..

    XXShisui TeleportationXXXXShisui TeleportationXX5 kun oldin
  • Titanic moment

    SixSpideySixSpidey5 kun oldin
  • Cool and kind of funny vid.

    NewSallyPurpleYT : :NewSallyPurpleYT : :5 kun oldin
  • Yo this thumbnail is sick

    Skit GamingSkit Gaming5 kun oldin
  • Ria panicked 😂😂

    Nocturnal NephilimNocturnal Nephilim5 kun oldin
  • 1:14 The spiderman meme all over again 5:34 Rilla acted like a NCP that whole time 😂

    Dio- chuDio- chu5 kun oldin
  • -___-

    s02 Pzychotiks02 Pzychotik5 kun oldin