3-Fev, 2021
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  • How do i get this?

    Muaaz AtifMuaaz Atif2 kun oldin
  • Em...what?

    Lisa MaLisa Ma3 kun oldin
  • thats a good mod

    Titoepf XTitoepf X3 kun oldin
  • Anyone wanna still test if it’s lethal?

    Mecha Team LeaderMecha Team Leader4 kun oldin
  • 5:50 Me when i talk to my crush

    Ari wahyuAri wahyu6 kun oldin
  • 10:52 Bomb Comes out and explodes= Everyone screams their lungs out

    Wrestling FanWrestling Fan9 kun oldin
  • Shoulda changed vents to the pipes

    Make A wish kidMake A wish kid10 kun oldin
  • Delirious has been my fav since 2012! He never let's us down on laughter 🤣

    Chelsea aka BratChelsea aka Brat16 kun oldin
  • H2o u really need to get this game called werewolf apocalypse its badass

    Isaiah QuezadaIsaiah Quezada19 kun oldin
  • 16:47 epic when he killed himself.

    Michael ParuntuMichael Paruntu19 kun oldin
  • 5:50 🤣🤣🤣

    Th3Gr8Wr0ggi 1Th3Gr8Wr0ggi 120 kun oldin
  • WARING BOMD ALERT killed 8 of them

    joseph boss . kidjoseph boss . kid21 kun oldin
  • You and friends will never stop me from laughing my b off. Thanks for always making my day!!! I Love you guys!!!

    Emerald13 OEmerald13 O21 kun oldin
  • *throws bomb and kills people* Everyone:AHHHAHHAHSHHSJSJSHSGFAFDGDHDJSI

    Sonya FlexhaugSonya Flexhaug22 kun oldin
  • “Kill me” proceeds to murder 3 crew members 💀

    LoCo LandoLoCo Lando23 kun oldin
  • "00:30" 😂 I actually have been using *DADYA𝐏𝐏.C0M* 📌 no issue with it all

    justina giedlinjustina giedlin24 kun oldin
  • "09:29" 😂 Why waste your time when only *DADY A𝐏𝐏.C O M* 📌 does it for everybody

    aleena swanaleena swan24 kun oldin
  • "00:24" 👌 Your choice but only *D A D Y A 𝐏 𝐏 .C 𝐎 M* 📌

    Cuc MarlowCuc Marlow24 kun oldin
  • 8:04 lol

  • 😳

    name language Pikachu be myname language Pikachu be my24 kun oldin
  • 16:43 The Very Best Part. I was dying laughing!!! Oh god...

    Timothy NelsonTimothy Nelson24 kun oldin
  • This is my 3rd time watching this video!!! 😂

    Javier SanchezJavier Sanchez24 kun oldin
  • That was the strongest laugh i have laughed in a long time

    Aaron RevillAaron Revill24 kun oldin
  • Oh god that shell was a cheapshot

    Joshua RobertsJoshua Roberts24 kun oldin
  • 16:46 - Funniest moment of the video

    EvErLoyaLEagLEEvErLoyaLEagLE25 kun oldin
  • just like all the memes you get impostor you lose impostor

    Lawrence Jay E SallesLawrence Jay E Salles25 kun oldin
  • 10:50 notice how delirious screams like spongebob

    David DickeyDavid Dickey26 kun oldin
  • 5:00 I like how Deliroius go crazy, they go crazy with him 😂🖤💙

    little demo0nlittle demo0n26 kun oldin
  • Such a great video

    Jonny FiveJonny Five26 kun oldin
  • Hi.

    Hi TansiHi Tansi26 kun oldin
  • 5:00 best announcer ever 😂

    WhyustressedWhyustressed26 kun oldin
  • 16:48 did he just kill himself at the first place 😂

    Y/NY/N27 kun oldin
  • 14:32 WHAT THE FUUUUUU!!!!!

    Shadow LurkerShadow Lurker27 kun oldin
  • your videos are amazing and funny, hope you're doing well

    Jose CarrilloJose Carrillo27 kun oldin
  • Delirious your my inspiration everyone i'm having a bad day i'll watch your videos and cheer up

    shaneshane27 kun oldin
  • 0:10 RIP headphone users

    ThatGuyThatGuy27 kun oldin
  • Did I miss something? WHERE’S BABY-LIROUS!?!?

    Nicole GoldNicole Gold28 kun oldin
  • you guys need to put more Mario kart items

    Nick linarasNick linaras28 kun oldin
  • I laughed so hard in the entire video 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Ravi AsmaraRavi Asmara28 kun oldin
  • 10:53 the crowds going wild in the consert fans:

    Itz_DarkChoco DragonItz_DarkChoco Dragon28 kun oldin
  • The racial account curiously fade because fairies observationally slow besides a elastic gold. descriptive, daily bee

    Ethan ReedEthan Reed28 kun oldin
  • This is very much a "Crewmates gonna win" video. Lots of crewmate PoV rounds.

    cassie jacksoncassie jackson28 kun oldin
  • Legit laughed so hard I choked

    Eman ValdezEman Valdez28 kun oldin
  • Analytics.

    Zzay 334Zzay 33428 kun oldin
  • Mario grenade

    MLGBROEMLGBROE28 kun oldin

    BADBC GarciaBADBC Garcia28 kun oldin
  • there should of been coins. a way to have a veto or a 1up if killed. just rare to get thow. and if anyone has it, no one else can have it untel its used.

    dragon31206dragon3120628 kun oldin
  • Hey Delirious can you do Mario Kart 8 items like the 8 item and the blue shell?

    Mecha Team LeaderMecha Team Leader29 kun oldin
  • 12:23 You zoomed in on Froozer when you should've zoomed on Smii7y!

    Diego YepesDiego Yepes29 kun oldin
  • That was kinda funny

    NaLaaNaLaa29 kun oldin
  • Cartoonz and squirrel aren't there

    NaLaaNaLaa29 kun oldin
  • Thx delirious you make me laugh so hard

    Angga Alfian MunaldiAngga Alfian Munaldi29 kun oldin
  • One of the best mods so far

    watermelonoodle 'swatermelonoodle 's29 kun oldin
  • 16:48 when delirious finaly got it 🤣🤣🤣

    Darlene LeonoraDarlene Leonora29 kun oldin
    • Darlene Leonora HAHAH Right!

      Draven Scott LangDraven Scott Lang22 kun oldin
  • I always watch your videos with my teddy bear =)

    Roblox NerdRoblox Nerd29 kun oldin
  • bomb explosions are op

    blackblack29 kun oldin
  • I just realized. If Mini didn't f*** up, and was in this game, the Mario Kart cast would've been together

    Shockwave GamingShockwave Gaming29 kun oldin
  • Create a mod were imposter changes during game after every kill

    RegX 2OPRegX 2OP29 kun oldin
  • whats the point if this, just play real mariokart

    Logan RooksLogan Rooks29 kun oldin
  • One of the more fun n chaotic mode of among us 😂

    Aaron NgAaron Ng29 kun oldin
  • The bomb bomb is pronounced ( ba-bomb)

    Fnaf2fanFnaf2fan29 kun oldin
  • 😂

    kirk gurganuskirk gurganus29 kun oldin
  • That was funny but would like high iQ plays more often

    Justin GuthrieJustin Guthrie29 kun oldin
  • Delirious and Vanoss cowering from that green shell in O2 reminded me of their far cry 3 days cowering from bears xD BFFs at getting scared

    21st Century Asswhole21st Century Asswhole29 kun oldin
  • This is amazing please do more

    Brittany McTaggartBrittany McTaggart29 kun oldin
  • This was so awesome!!! Definitely do more of these!!!

    Basketball GirlBasketball Girl29 kun oldin
  • Everyone: ITS TYLER ITS TYLER!!!! Tyler: I KILLED SO MANY!!! Delirious: Who was it?

    Stanley HrStanley Hr29 kun oldin
  • This game mode is awesome

    Alex CastleAlex Castle29 kun oldin
  • Why don’t they play actual Mario kart lol

    Caleb :PCaleb :P29 kun oldin
  • What I thought it was Mario cart that you can drive around

    I’m Ray ChanelI’m Ray Chanel29 kun oldin
  • can i get a happy birfday delirious ive watched you for 4 years luv u

    kenton traviskenton travisOy oldin
  • Do this mario kart mod video again plz!!!!!

    CrashCrashOy oldin
  • Turn your volume all the way up there's a whisper in the background 10:52

    PaPeRzPaPeRzOy oldin
  • I wonder what keyboard, mouse and other stuff delirious and the crew use?

    Ronaldo LilanderRonaldo LilanderOy oldin
  • I fucking predicted he would kill himself with the banana 😂

    super jr logansuper jr loganOy oldin
  • Best mod no 🧢 we need another

    Lil Yum YumLil Yum YumOy oldin
  • 10:51 is the best part idc 😂😂😂😂😂

    obsessariiobsessariiOy oldin
  • Is the bombs a reference to JOJO/Pt4? Becuz of the targeting bomb/ SHA or Sheer heart attack

    shiying Linshiying LinOy oldin
  • Want to see delirious play real mario kart with the guys.

    David LorDavid LorOy oldin
  • more. now.

    SquirtlePWNSquirtlePWNOy oldin
  • 9:56 its been a while I heard vanoss say that 🥲

    LudenLudenOy oldin
  • That ba-bomb triple kill was amazing. Lmao

    KratoscallofdutyKratoscallofdutyOy oldin
  • My dog just ran away so we followed her prints because she ran to the beach we followed them for a while and it went to a turn we could either go under a overhang or go up stairs and go to the road my brother and sister were going up the stairs but I saw her prints going under the overhang so we went under and she ran right to me my brother said it was probably because she was afraid of the storm that was coming. And man, I was so scared and I'm super glad we found her she dragged me all the way back to our hotel.😄

    HiddenWolfHiddenWolfOy oldin
  • It is so fun

    Isaiah RojasIsaiah RojasOy oldin
  • Play dead by daylight

    Isaiah RojasIsaiah RojasOy oldin
  • They should’ve invited Cartoonz.

    MBAvenger 64MBAvenger 64Oy oldin
  • I crying and laughing over Delirious immediately killing himself after finally getting Impostor 😂😂😂

    France LotFrance LotOy oldin
  • when Delirious is Imposter things just got real

  • Delirious stupid how you make this game on mangas in the stupid girl game

    johnwealthkojohnwealthkoOy oldin
  • 13:02 toxic scotty

    TtsTtsOy oldin
  • 2:00 I thought he said Obama

    I don’t know what to call my nameI don’t know what to call my nameOy oldin
  • Vanoss:Ohhhh...what did u do Delirious? Delirious:I didnt do anything sh*t Nogla:Mhm

    EnterestingEnterestingOy oldin
  • funniest among us video so for in my opinion^^

    HDGhost1HDGhost1Oy oldin
  • Fun mod, though careful with the banana peels. Thanks for the video Delirious and crew!

    vladspellbindervladspellbinderOy oldin
  • How didn’t they see that froozer through that shell

    Super Lightning boltSuper Lightning boltOy oldin
  • I laughed so hard 🤣 highlight of my day !

    yarely herrerayarely herreraOy oldin
  • This was the best amoung us video of all 🤣

    yarely herrerayarely herreraOy oldin
  • I haven't laughed this much in a LONG time!!

    JraijinJraijinOy oldin
  • 2:18 Hahahahahah

    CokipoCokipoOy oldin
  • I said it was moo

    Dion SilangDion SilangOy oldin